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math handbook of formulas, trigonometry, earl whitney [pdf]

Math Handbook of Formulas Trigonometry by Earl L Whitney

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Math Handbook of Formulas Trigonometry written by Earl L. Whitney .
This Trigonometry Handbook was developed primarily through work with a number of High School and College Trigonometry classes. In addition, a number of more advanced topics have been added to the handbook to whet the student’s appetite for higher level study.
One of the main reasons why I wrote this handbook was to encourage the student to wonder; to ask “what about …” or “what if …”. I find that students are so busy today that they don’t have the time, or don’t take the time, to seek out the beauty and majesty that exists in Mathematics. And, it is there, just below the surface. So be curious and go find it.

The answers to most of the questions below are inside this handbook, but are seldom taught.
-Is there a method I can learn that will help me recall the key points on a unit circle without memorizing the unit circle?
-What’s the fastest way to graph a Trig function?
-Can I convert the sum of two trig functions to a product of trig functions? How about the other way around, changing a product to a sum?
-Is there an easy way to calculate the area of a triangle if I am given its vertices as points on a Cartesian plane?
- Don’t some of the Polar graphs in Chapter 9 look like they have been drawn with a Spirograph? Why is that?
-A cycloid is both a brachistochrone and a tautochrone. What are these and why are they important? (you will have to look this one up, but it is well worth your time)
-What is a vector cross product and how is it used?
-How do the properties of vectors extend to 3 dimensions, where they really matter?

Additionally, ask yourself:
-What trig identities can I create that I have not yet seen?
-What Polar graphs can I create by messing with trig functions? What makes a pretty graph instead of one that just looks messed up?
-Can I come up with a simpler method of doing things than I am being taught?
-What problems can I come up with to stump my friends?
-Those who approach math in this manner will be tomorrow’s leaders. Are you one of them?

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Math Handbook of Formulas Trigonometry written by Earl L. Whitney cover the following topics.
1: Functions and Special Angles
2: Graphs of Trig Functions
3: Inverse Trigonometric Functions
4: Key Angle Formulas
5: Trigonometric Identities and Equations
6: Solving an Oblique Triangle
7: Area of a Triangle
8: Polar Coordinates
9: Polar Functions
10: Vectors
A. Summary of Trigonometric Formulas
B. Solving The Ambiguous Case, Alternative Method
C. Summary of Polar and Rectangular Forms

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