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Get 100% marks in any exam

Get 100% marks in any exam, Imortant for every good student.

Here we are showing 5 simple steps for get full marks in any exam. If you seriously want to get 100 marks in any subject in any exam, then follow these tips...

1-From first day in class

Be active and alert from 1st day in class. Ask questions even if you're embarrassed! Somebody is bound to have the same question, so ask. If you feel you have some weaknesses of previous classes. It is the best time to clear or solve them. Improve your hand writing. Make your calculation and writing power more Sharp. Clear all the doubts. Make sure you know how to work problems without a calculator, and be sure to check your calculated answers for accuracy. Learn tips and tricks. Make a chapter wise list of Formulas from whole syllabus. Make a separate register for theorems.

You should also know how to manage your time effectively between different subjects say math, computer, physics, chemistry and biology. Practice makes perfect. In your private time, periodically solve math’s problems. You would be better at them the more you do. Complete your syllabus at least before 4 to 5 month from exams.

2-First Revision

You have to solve each question as well as examples by yourself. Make a list of SIMILAR QUESTIONS. Solve all the exercises. Do not leave any question unanswered. Mark the TOUGH QUESTIONS in each exercise. Also make a list of QUESTIONS which you could not solve in your first attempt. Make this list chapter wise. Right down all the formulas/formulas on a page which are using in different chapter of your books. Solve the theorems on separate Register. You have to complete this revision within 20 to 30 days.

3-Second Revision

During 2nd Revision focus on Formulas pages, Theorem's Register, Hard Questions/Examples which are you could not solve in your first attempt. Also solve at least one question from similar question.

4-Practice Papers

Practice past Papers are a good way to mentally prepare yourself for what you are going to get in the exams. The more you solve these, more confidence you will gain towards your achievement of scoring the highest score. It is advisable to keep those unsolved problems aside, and try solving them by taking the help of your teacher/friend.

5-Final Round

Repeat step 3 and 4 as much as you can because practice does make perfect. Moreover, revision is most important key while preparing for any exams. This is the final round of exam. Remember that there are no shortcut methods to score 100/100 in any exam!

Now we hope all the candidates who get 90 to 99 can get 100. And other candidates also perform better.

Best of luck!