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crc standard mathematical tables formulas 33e, zwillinger [pdf]

CRC Standard Mathematical Tables and Formulas (33rd Edition) By Daniel Zwillinger

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CRC Standard Mathematical Tables and Formulas (33rd Edition) written by Daniel Zwillinger . Daniel Zwillinger has more than 25 years of proven technical expertise in numerous areas of engineering and the physical sciences. He earned a Ph.D. in applied mathematics from the California Institute of Technology. This book containing more than 6,000 entries, CRC Standard Mathematical Tables and Formulas, 33rd Edition continues to provide essential formulas, tables, figures and detailed descriptions. The newest edition of this popular series also features many diagrams, group tables, and integrals that are not available online. This edition also incorporates important topics such as max plus algebra, financial options, pseudospectra, and proof methods. Newly updated topics reflecting new results include coupled analogues, general relativity, radar, and significant equations of mathematics.
Title: CRC Standard Mathematical Tables and Formulas
Author(s): Daniel Zwillinger
Publisher: Chapman and Hall/CRC
Series: Advances in Applied Mathematics
Year: 2017
Pages: 873
Type: PDF
Language: English
ISBN: 1498777805,978-1-4987-7780-3
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About Author :- Daniel Zwillinger complete his BS from Massachusetts Institute of Technology Mathematics (1978) and PhD from California Institute of Technology Applied Mathematics 1983
He is professor at RPI (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute). He is more than 30 years’ experience in solving technical and business problems in engineering and the physical sciences. Experienced in large and small companies, government labs, consulting, and academia.
He is experienced in identifying and resolving the key issue of a technical problem and Extensive experience in algorithm design, data analysis, modeling & simulation, software requirements and Computer expertise: Matlab, Mathematica, Perl, R, SQL, UNIX.

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CRC Standard Mathematical Tables and Formulas (33rd Edition) written by Daniel Zwillinger cover the following topics.

1. Numbers and Elementary Mathematics
1.1 Proofs without words
1.2 Constants
1.3 Special numbers
1.4 Interval analysis
1.5 Fractal Arithmetic
1.6 Max-Plus Algebra
1.7 Coupled-analogues of Functions
1.8 Number theory
1.9 Series and products

2. Algebra
2.1 Elementary algebra
2.2 Polynomials
2.3 Vector algebra
2.4 Linear and matrix algebra
2.5 Abstract algebra

3. Discrete Mathematics
3.1 Sets
3.2 Combinatorics
3.3 Graphs
3.4 Combinatorial design theory
3.5 Difference equations

4. Geometry
4.1 Euclidean geometry
4.2 Grades and Degrees
4.3 Coordinate systems in the plane
4.4 Plane symmetries or isometries
4.5 Other transformations of the plane
4.6 Lines.
4.7 Polygons
4.8 Surfaces of revolution: the torus
4.9 Quadrics
4.10 Spherical geometry and trigonometry
4.11 Conics
4.12 Special plane curves
4.13 Coordinate systems in space
4.14 Space symmetries or isometries
4.15 Other transformations of space
4.16 Direction angles and direction cosines
4.17 Planes
4.18 Lines in space
4.19 Polyhedra
4.20 Cylinders
4.21 Cones
4.22 Differential geometry

5. Analysis
5.1 Differential calculus
5.2 Differential forms
5.3 Integration
5.4 Table of indefinite integrals
5.5 Table of definite integrals
5.6 Ordinary differential equations
5.7 Partial differential equations
5.8 Integral equations
5.9 Tensor analysis
5.10 Orthogonal coordinate systems
5.11 Real analysis
5.12 Generalized functions
5.13 Complex analysis
5.14 Significant Mathematical Equations

6. Special Functions
6.1 Ceiling and floor functions
6.2 Exponentiation
6.3 Exponential function
6.4 Logarithmic functions
6.5 Trigonometric functions
6.6 Circular functions and planar triangles
6.7 Tables of trigonometric functions
6.8 Angle conversion
6.9 Inver
6.10 Hyperbolic functions
6.11 Inverse hyperbolic functions
6.12 Gudermannian function
6.13 Orthogonal polynomials
6.14 Clebsch–Gordan coefficients
6.15 Bessel functions
6.16 Beta function
6.17 Elliptic integrals
6.18 Jacobian elliptic functions
6.19 Error functions
6.20 Fresnel integrals
6.21 Gamma function
6.22 Hypergeometric functions
6.23 Lambert Function
6.24 Legendre functions
6.25 Polylogarithms
6.26 Prolate Spheroidal Wave Functions
6.27 Sine, cosine, and exponential integrals
6.28 Weierstrass Elliptic Function
6.29 Integral transforms: List
6.30 Integral transforms: Preliminaries
6.31 Fourier integral transform
6.32 Discrete Fourier transform (DFT)
6.33 Fast Fourier transform (FFT)
6.34 Multidimensional Fourier transforms
6.35 Hankel transform
6.36 Hartley transform
6.37 Hilbert transform
6.38 Laplace transform
6.39 Mellin transform
6.40 Z-Transform
6.41 Tables of transforms

7. Probability and Statistics
7.1 Probability theory
7.2 Classical probability problems
7.3 Probability distributions
7.4 Queuing theory
7.5 Markov chains
7.6 Random number generation
7.7 Random matrices
7.8 Control charts and reliability
7.9 Statistics
7.10 Confidence intervals
7.11 Tests of hypotheses
7.12 Linear regression
7.13 Analysis of variance (ANOVA)
7.14 Sample size
7.15 Contingency tables
7.16 Acceptance sampling
7.17 Probability tables

8. Scientific Computing
8.1 Basic numerical analysis
8.2 Numerical linear algebra
8.3 Numerical integration and differentiation
8.4 Programming techniques

9. Mathematical Formulas from the Sciences
9.1 Acoustics
9.2 Astrophysics
9.3 Atmospheric physics
9.4 Atomic Physics
9.5 Basic mechanics
9.6 Beam dynamics
9.7 Biological Models
9.8 Chemistry
9.9 Classical mechanics
9.10 Coordinate systems – Astronomical
9.11 Coordinate systems – Terrestrial
9.12 Earthquake engineering
9.13 Economics (Macro)
9.14 Electromagnetic Transmission
9.15 Electrostatics and magnetism
9.16 Electromagnetic Field Equations
9.17 Electronic circuits
9.18 Epidemiology
9.19 Fluid mechanics
9.20 Human body
9.21 Modeling physical systems
9.22 Optics
9.23 Population genetics
9.24 Quantum mechanics
9.25 Quaternions
9.26 Radar
9.27 Relativistic mechanics
9.28 Solid mechanics
9.29 Statistical mechanics
9.30 Thermodynamics

10. Miscellaneous
10.1 Calendar computations
10.2 Cellular automata
10.3 Communication theory
10.4 Control theory
10.5 Computer languages
10.6 Compressive Sensing
10.7 Constrained Least Squares
10.8 Cryptography
10.9 Discrete dynamical systems and chaos
10.10 Elliptic curves
10.11 Financial formulas
10.12 Game theory
10.13 Knot theory
10.14 Lattices
10.15 Logic
10.16 Moments of inertia
10.17 Music
10.18 Operations research
10.19 Proof Methods
10.20 Recreational mathematics
10.21 Risk analysis and decision rules
10.22 Signal processing
10.23 Units
10.24 Voting power
10.25 Greek alphabet
10.26 Braille code
10.27 Morse code
10.28 Bar Codes

List of References
List of Figures
List of Notations

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