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handbook of differential equations 3e, daniel zwillinger [pdf]

Handbook of Differential Equations (3rd Edtion) by Daniel Zwillinger

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About this book :-
Handbook of Differential Equations (3rd Edtion) written by Daniel Zwillinger .
A handbook of the most important techniques used in solving ordinary and partial differential equations. In this edition the section on numerical methods has been expanded and many new sections are included on topics such as finite difference formulae, grid generation, lattice gases, multigrid methods, parallel computers and software availability. New and improved sections on chaos, existence, uniqueness and stability theorems, inverse problems, normal forms and exact partial differential equations have also been included, with computer programmes where possible
It is hoped that this book will be used by students taking courses in differential equations (at either the undergraduate or the graduate level). It will introduce the student to more techniques than they usually see in a differential equations class and will illustrate many di erent types of techniques. Furthermore, it should act as a concise reference for the techniques that a student has learned. This book should also be useful for the practicing engineer or scientist who solves differential equations on an occasional basis.
A feature of this book is that it has sections dealing with stochastic differential equations and delay differential equations as well as ordinary differential equations and partial differential equations. Stochastic differential equations and delay differential equations are often studied only in advanced texts and courses; yet, the techniques used to analyze these equations are easy to understand and easy to apply.

Book Detail :-
Title: Handbook of Differential Equations
Edition: 3rd
Author(s): Daniel Zwillinger
Publisher: Elsevier Inc, Academic Press
Year: 1992
Pages: 870
Type: PDF
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0-12-784391-9,0127843914
Country: US
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About Author :- Daniel Zwillinger complete his BS from Massachusetts Institute of Technology Mathematics (1978) and PhD from California Institute of Technology Applied Mathematics 1983
He is professor at RPI (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute). He is more than 30 years’ experience in solving technical and business problems in engineering and the physical sciences. Experienced in large and small companies, government labs, consulting, and academia.
He is experienced in identifying and resolving the key issue of a technical problem and Extensive experience in algorithm design, data analysis, modeling & simulation, software requirements and Computer expertise: Matlab, Mathematica, Perl, R, SQL, UNIX.

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Book Contents :-
Handbook of Differential Equations (3rd Edtion) written by Daniel Zwillinger cover the following topics.
Introduction to the Electronic Version
How to Use This Book
I.A De¯nitions and Concepts
I.B Transformations
II.A Exact Methods for ODEs
II.B Exact Methods for PDEs
IV.A Numerical Methods: Concepts
IV.B Numerical Methods for ODEs
IV.C Numerical Methods for PDEs
Mathematical Nomenclature

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