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Stay allert in Examination Hall

Examination hall 12 tips to follow, Imortant for every good student.

The Answer Sheet is an important piece of paper and everyone needs to get high marks in any exam. Here are some important tips to write on your answer sheet.

1. Margin Lines

Draw lines on both sides of the papers, so that your margins are clear and all of your pages give a better look as your writings will be well margined. If paper is math (or any other calculation paper) Use big margin on right side for rough work. I suggest because of short time fold your pages (answer sheet) both sides. You will get margined on both sides with in five second.

2. Time Management

When you get the question paper you will see some questions will need more time than others. For example if a question is of 10 marks and another question is of 20 marks, then you should definitely give more time to the latter question.

3. Plane for Re-check your Answer sheet.

You should try to complete your answer sheet at least 30 minutes before time so that you can recheck your answer sheet.

4. Order of the Questions

Attempt your first question in which you are good at, as at the start of the paper the checker will know that you are good student. You should keep this impression for in your second, third and forth questions. Your last question should also be good one, so that you impression remain till end and checker feel comfortable to give you good marks. The questions in which you are not good put them in mid of your answer sheet and mix it in your good questions.

5. Question Paper Numbering

Make sure question has been numbered correctly or not. Write your question number properly and it should be clearly visible. Use always the question paper numbers on your answer sheet.

6. Use of “Paragraphing” and “Heading”

If answers are long then adapt the method of paragraphing. After every three or four points, a new paragraph should start. The paragraph should begin with a transitional word like, ‘Thus’, ‘Then’, ‘Therefore’, ‘Consequently’, ‘Nevertheless’ etc. Highlight your answer point wise or bullets with proper highlighted headings and sub headings. Headings and point wise answer will earn more marks than a long piece of writing

7. Diagrams in Your Answer:

Diagrams say more than words. So explain your answer by drawing effective diagrams and charts. Highlight the main points and words in your answer by underling the important phrase. Write your answer as neat as possible without any cutting.

8. Draw a short line after writing each answer.

Also leave one line after each answer, so that you may have the space available even if you missed anything, and you may write it once you remember. But do not leaver two or more empty lines, as leaving too many empty spaces is considered to be a bad thing in board examinations.

9. Avoid Grammatical and Spell Mistakes:

Grammar plays a large role in getting higher marks in exam. So avoid all the obvious grammar as well as spelling mistakes. If you have less knowledge of grammar then you can achieved this is by reproducing all your answers in very simple word and plain language instead of using complex terms.

10. Quality of writing:

If you want to get good marks in exam, you should not use extra stuff in your answers. When some people write more they will get more marks. However, many people when write more they do more mistakes. Always remember it that marks can be get by qualify of writing not just quantity.

11. Handwriting Skill

Some students do not understand that it is handwriting which brings in some extra marks. They take the value of handwriting very lightly. If your handwriting is good then you can get a few extra marks.

12. No cheating

Don’t look here and there and focus mainly on your own paper. Never try to cheat. May be other candidate is wrong. Never help others its waste of time.

13. Don’t leave early:

Don’t leave earlier. You’ll never get it back. If you leave earlier you missed something important or wrong. Sit and reread your answer sheet. Check two time all of your answers.