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Integral equations and their applications M Rahman [pdf]

Integral Equations and their Applications by M. Rahman

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About this book :-
Integral Equations and their Applications written by M. Rahman.
For many years, the subject of functional equations has held a prominent place in the attention of mathematicians. In more recent years this attention has been directed to a particular kind of functional equation, an integral equation, wherein the unknown function occurs under the integral sign. The study of this kind of equation is sometimes referred to as the inversion of a definite integral. While scientists and engineers can already choose from a number of books on integral equations, this new book encompasses recent developments including some preliminary backgrounds of formulations of integral equations governing the physical situation of the problems. It also contains elegant analytical and numerical methods, and an important topic of the variational principles. Primarily intended for senior undergraduate students and first year postgraduate students of engineering and science courses, students of mathematical and physical sciences will also find many sections of direct relevance. The book contains eight chapters, pedagogically organized. It is specially designed for those who wish to understand integral equations without having extensive mathematical background. Some knowledge of integral calculus, ordinary differential equations, partial differential equations, Laplace transforms, Fourier transforms, Hilbert transforms, analytic functions of complex variables and contour integrations are expected on the part of the reader

Book Detail :-
Title: Integral Equations and their Applications
Author(s): Matiur Rahman
Publisher: WIT
Year: 2007
Pages: 390
Type: PDF
Language: English
ISBN: 1845641019,9781845641016
Country: Canada
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About Author :-
The author M. Rahman (1932–2015) was a Bangladeshi Canadian mathematician and writer. He specialized in fields of mathematics such as hypergeometric series and orthogonal polynomials. He also had interests encompassing literature, philosophy, scientific skepticism, freethinking and rationalism. He co-authored Basic Hypergeometric Series[1] with George Gasper. This book is widely considered as the standard work of choice for that subject of study. He also published ten Bengali books.
Rahman was born and grew up in East Bengal, British India (nowadays Bangladesh). He studied at the University of Dhaka, where he obtained his B.Sc degree in Mathematics and Physics in 1953, and his M.Sc in Applied Mathematics in 1954. He received a B.A in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge in 1958, and an M.A. in mathematics from the same university in 1963. He was a senior lecturer at the University of Dhaka from 1958 until 1962. Rahman went to the University of New Brunswick of Canada in 1962 and received his Ph.D in 1965 with a thesis on the kinetic theory of plasma using singular integral equation techniques. After his Ph.D, he became an assistant professor, later a full professor, at Carleton University, where he spent the rest of his career, after his retirement as a Distinguished Professor Emeritus. He unexpectedly died in Ottawa on January 5, 2015 at the age of 82.

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Book Contents :-
Integral Equations and their Applications written by M. Rahman cover the following topics.
1. Introduction
2. Volterra integral equations
3. Fredholm integral equations
4. Nonlinear integral equations
5. The singular integral equation
6. Integro-differential equations
7. Symmetric kernels and orthogonal systems of functions
8. Applications
Appendix A Miscellaneous results
Appendix B Table of Laplace transforms
Appendix C Specialized Laplace inverses
Answers to some selected exercises
Subject index

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