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differential integral calculus george osborne, walker [pdf]

Differential and Integral Calculus with examples & Application by George Osborne, S.B. Walker

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About this book :-
Differential and Integral Calculus written by George A. Osborne, S.B. Walker . Most of the text has been rewritten, the demonstrations have been carefully revised, and, for the most part, new examples have been substituted for the old. There has been some rearrangement of subjects in a more natural order.

Book Detail :-
Title: Differential and Integral Calculus with examples & Application
Author(s): George Osborne, S.B. Walker
Publisher: D. C. HEATH & CO.
Year: 1906
Pages: 408
Type: PDF
Language: English
Country: US
About Author :- The author George Abbott Osborne (1839-1927) is Professor in the Department of Mathematics.

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Book Contents :-
Differential and Integral Calculus written by George A. Osborne, S.B. Walker cover the following topics.
1. Functions
2. Limit. Increment. Derivative
3. Differentiation
4. Successive Differentiation
5. Differentials. Infinitesimals
6. Implicit Functions
7. Series. Power Series
8. Expansion of Functions
9. Indeterminate Forms
10. Maxima and Minima of Functions of One Independent Variable
11. Partial Differentiation
12. Change of the Variables in Derivatives
13. Maxima and Minima of Functions of Two or More Variables
14. Curves for Reference
15. Direction or Curves. Tangents and Normals
16. Direction op Curvature. Points of Inflexion
17. Curvature. Radius of Curvature. Evolute and Involute
18. Order of Contact. Osculating Circle
19. Envelopes
20. Integration of Standard Forms
21. Simple Applications of Integration. Constant of Integration
22. Integration of Rational Fractions
23. Integration of Irrational Functions
24. Trigonometric Forms readily Integrable
25. Integration by Parts. Reduction Formulae
26. Integration by Substitution
27. Integration as a Summation. Definite Integrals
28. Application- of Integration to Plane Curves.
29. Successive Integration
30. Applications of Double Integration
31. Surface, Volume, and Moment of Inertia of Ant Solid
32. Centre of Gravity. Pressure of Eldids. Eorce of Attraction
33. Integrals for Reference

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