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schaum's quantum mechanics 2e, eugene hecht, yoav peleg [pdf]

Schaum's Quantum Mechanics (2nd Edition) by Eugene Hecht, Yoav Peleg, Reuven Pnini, Elyahu Zaarur

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About this book :-
Schaum's Quantum Mechanics (2nd Edition) written by Eugene Hecht, Yoav Peleg, Reuven Pnini, Elyahu Zaarur .
The main purpose of this second edition of Quantum Mechanics is to make an already fine book more usable for the student reader. Accordingly, a great deal of effort has been given to simplifying and standardizing the notation. For example, a number of modern QM textbooks now distinguish operators from other quantities by placing a cap (^) over the corresponding symbol for the operator. This simple emendation can nonetheless be very helpful to the student and that practice has been adopted throughout this edition. Similarly I have avoided using the same symbol to represent different quantities, in as much as this can be unduly confusing. Wherever necessary, discussions have been extended and the prose has been clarified. The all but unavoidable typographical and other minor first-edition errors have been corrected. Additionally, all of the art has been redrawn to improve visual readability, content, clarity, and accuracy. A substantial number of new introductory-level solved problems have been added to ensure that the student can gain a good grasp of the basics before approaching a more challenging range of questions. Indeed, it is my intention to add more such problems in future editions.

Book Detail :-
Title: Schaum's Quantum Mechanics
Edition: 2nd
Author(s): Eugene Hecht, Yoav Peleg, Reuven Pnini, Elyahu Zaarur
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Year: 2012
Pages: 374
Type: PDF
Language: English
ISBN: 9780071623582,0071623582
Country: US
About Author :- The author Steven Holzner Eugene Hecht (born December 2, 1931 in New York City ) is an American physicist and author of a standard work on optics.
Hecht studied at New York University with a bachelor's degree in 1960 and at Rutgers University with a master's degree in 1963. From 1960 to 1963 he was with the astro-electronics department of the RCA . He received his doctorate from Adelphi University in 1967, where he was assistant professor from 1967 and professor from 1978.
In addition to optics, he deals with experimental solid state physics at low temperatures. His textbook on optics is a widely published standard work both in Germany and in the USA.
Yoav Peleg , Ph.D., researcher with Motorola, Israel
Reuven Pnini , Ph.D., Chief Scientifi c Editor of Rakefet Publishing Ltd. and
Elyahu Zaarur , M.Sc., Managing Director of Rakefet Publishing Ltd.

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• Download PDF Schaum's Quantum Mechanics (2E) by Eugene Hecht, Yoav Peleg, Reuven Pnini, Elyahu Zaarur NEW

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Book Contents :-
Schaum's Quantum Mechanics (2nd Edition) written by Eugene Hecht, Yoav Peleg, Reuven Pnini, Elyahu Zaarur cover the following topics.
1. Introduction
2. Mathematical Background
3. The Schrödinger Equation and Its Applications
4. The Foundations of Quantum Mechanics
5. Harmonic Oscillator
6. Angular Momentum
7. Spin
8. Hydrogen-like Atoms
9. Particle Motion in an Electromagnetic Field
10. Solution Methods in Quantum Mechanics—Part A
11. Solution Methods in Quantum Mechanics—Part B
12. Numerical Methods in Quantum Mechanics
13. Identical Particles
14. Addition of Angular Momenta
15. Scattering Theory
16. Semiclassical Treatment of Radiation
Mathematical Appendix
A.1 Fourier Series and Fourier Transform
A.2 The Dirac d-Function
A.3 Hermite Polynomials
A.4 Legendre Polynomials
A.5 Associated Legendre Functions
A.6 Spherical Harmonics
A.7 Associated Laguerre


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