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quantum gravity 2e claus kiefer [pdf] MathSchoolinternational

Quantum Gravity (2nd Edition) by Claus Kiefer

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About this book :-
Quantum Gravity (2nd Edition) written by Claus Kiefer. The present second edition of this book is an extended and revised version of the first edition. It contains, in particular, new sections on asymptotic safety, dynamical triangulation, primordial black holes, the information-loss problem, loop quantum cosmology, and other topics. The text has been revised throughout.
This is two-volume format, which has been generally well received, with broadly the same allocation of content as in the third edition. The principal new additions are, once again, dictated by substantial new experimental results – namely, in the areas of CP violation and neutrino oscillations, where great progress was made in the first decade of this century. Volume 2 now includes a new chapter devoted to CP violation and oscillations in mesonic and neutrino systems. Partly by way of preparation for this, volume 1 also contains a new chapter, on Lorentz transformations and discrete symmetries. We give a simple do-it-yourself treatment of Lorentz transformations of Dirac spinors, which the reader can connect to the group theory approach in appendix M of volume 2; the transformation properties of bilinear covariants are easily managed. The author also introduce Majorana fermions at an early stage. This material is suitable for first courses on relativistic quantum mechanics,

Book Detail :-
Title: Quantum Gravity
Edition: 2nd
Author(s): Claus Kiefer
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Year: 2007
Pages: 374
Type: PDF
Language: English
ISBN: 019921252X,9780199212521,9781429498500
Country: Germany
About Author :- The author Claus Kiefer is a professor of theoretical physics at the University of Cologne, Germany. He has earned his PhD from Heidelberg University in 1988. He has held positions at the Universities of Heidelberg, Zurich, and Freiburg, and was an invited visitor to the Universities of Alberta, Bern, Cambridge, Montpellier, and others. His main interests are quantum gravity, cosmology, black holes, and the foundations of quantum theory. He has published several books including the monograph "Quantum Gravity" (second edition: Oxford 2007). He is a member of The Foundational Questions Institute since 2006.

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Book Contents :-
Quantum Gravity (2nd Edition) written by Claus Kiefer cover the following topics.
1. Why quantum gravity?
2. Covariant approaches to quantum gravity
3. Parametrized and relational systems
4. Hamiltonian formulation of general relativity
5. Quantum geometrodynamics
6. Quantum gravity with connections and loops
7. Quantization of black holes
8. Quantum cosmology
9. String theory
10. Quantum gravity and the interpretation of quantum theory


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