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vector & 3d geometry iit jee amit agarwal [pdf] MathSchool

Vector and 3D Geometry IIT JEE by Amit M Agarwal
(Skills in Mathematics for Main and Advanced with Sessionwise Theory Exercises)

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About this book :-
Vector and 3D Geometry IIT JEE written by Amit Agarwal.
This book is contains solved examples of all JEE types questions & level of difficulty of questions generally asked in JEE.

Book Detail :-
Title: Vector and 3D Geometry IIT JEE
Author(s): Amit M Agarwal
Publisher: Arihant
Series: IIT JEE
Year: 2018
Pages: 288
Type: PDF
Language: Englsih
ISBN: 9 789312 146934
Country: India
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About Author :- The author Amit M Agarwal is an indian math author.

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• Download PDF Vector and 3D Geometry IIT JEE by Amit M Agarwal NEW

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Book Contents :-
Vector and 3D Geometry IIT JEE written by Amit Agarwal cover the following topics. ' Part 1: Vector Algebra
1. Scalar and Vector Quantities, Representation of Vectors, Position Vector of a Point in Space, Direction Cosines, Rectagular Resolution of a Vector in 2D and 3D Systems
2. Addition and Subtraction of Vectors, Multiplication of Vector by Scalar, Section Formula
3. Linear Combination of Vectors, Theorem of Coplanar & Non coplanar Vectors, Linear Independence and Dependence of Vectors
4. JEE Type Examples, Chapter Exercises

Part 2: Product of Vectors
1. Product of Two Vectors, Components of a Vector Along and Perpendicular to Another Vector, Application of Dot Product in Mechanics
2. Vector or Cross Product of Two Vectors, Area of Parallelogram and Triangle, Moment of a Force and Couple, Rotation About an Axis
3. Scalar Triple Product
4. vector Triple Product
5. JEE Type Examples, Chapter Exercises

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