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iit jee course: coordinate geometry & vector algebra [pdf] trishna

IIT JEE Super Course in Mathematics: Coordinate Geometry and Vector Algebra by Trishna Knowledge Systems

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About this book :-
Elementary Vector Analysis with Application to Geometry & Physics written by C.E. Weatherburn.
This book is a class-tested course content package for sure-shot success at the IIT-JEE. Each volume in this series is meticulously planned and structured to help the user imbibe and absorb concepts and apply them to IIT problems. This title follows a unique, user-friendly approach, with features such as Concept Strands, Concept Connectors, Topic Grip, IIT Assignment Exercise, which make the learning and application for the coveted IIT-JEE circuit both easy and enjoyable.

Book Detail :-
Title: IIT JEE Super Course in Mathematics (Coordinate Geometry and Vector Algebra)
Author(s): Trishna Knowledge Systems
Publisher: Trishna
Pages: 366
Type: PDF
Language: Englsih
ISBN: 9788131759837, 9789332511903
Country: India
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About Author :- This books is by Trishna Knowledge System.

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• Download PDF Advanced Vector Analysis with Application to Mathematical Physics by C.E. Weatherburn NEW

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Book Contents :-
Elementary Vector Analysis with Application to Geometry & Physics written by C.E. Weatherburn cover the following topics. '
1. Straight Lines
Coordinate Systems
Slope or Gradient of Straight Line
Interecepts of Straight Line
Point of Interesection of Two lines
Concurrency of Three Lines
Angle between two lines
Normal Form of the Equation of a line
Sign of ax+by+c
Length of perpendicular distance from a point (x1,y1) to the line ax+by+c=0
Equatons of bisectors of the angles between two straight lines whose equations are given.
Pair of straight lines
General equation of second degree in x and y.
change of origin
To obtain the coordinates of the points of interesction of the lines represented by ax2+by2+2hxy+2gx+2fy+c=0
2. Study Material
Circles and conic sections
Equatio of the tangent to a circle at a point on it.
Common Tangents to two circles
Orthogonal Circles
Conic Sections
Conjugate Hyperpola
Rectangular Hyperbola

  • 3. Vector Algebra and three dimentional geometry
    Introduction to vectors
    Three dimensional coodinate system
    Components of a vector along the axes of a rectagular cartesian coordinate system
    Product of vectors
    Scalar product or dot product or Inner product of two vectors
    Vector porduct or corss product of two vectors
    Scalar and vector products involving more than two vectors
    Products of four vectors
    Three dimensional geometry
    Straight Lines
    Consistency of a non homogeneous linear system of equations
    Vector algebra
    Three dimenstional geometry.

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