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vector calculus for engineers, jeffrey chasnov [pdf]

Vector Calculus for Engineers by Jeffrey R. Chasnov

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About this book :-
Vector Calculus for Engineers written by Jeffrey R. Chasnov . This text are the lecture notes for my online Coursera course, Vector Calculus for Engineers. Students who take this course are expected to already know single-variable differential and integral calculus to the level of an introductory college calculus course. Students should also be familiar with matrices, and be able to compute a three-by-three determinant.
There are some problems at the end of each lecture chapter. These problems are designed to exemplify the main ideas of the lecture. Students taking a formal university course in multivariable calculus will usually be assigned many more problems, some of them quite difficult. The author give enough problems for students to solidify their understanding of the material, but not so many that students feel overwhelmed.

Book Detail :-
Title: Vector Calculus for Engineers
Author(s): Jeffrey R. Chasnov
Publisher: The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Pages: 238
Type: PDF
Language: English
Country: Hong Kong
About Author :- The author Jeffrey R. Chasnov is a Professor of Mathematics at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, where he has been teaching since 1993. He is an expatriate American from New York and California, and earned his BA from UC Berkeley and PhD from Columbia University, with post-doctoral fellowships at NASA, Stanford, and Grenoble, France, and a sabbatical semester at Harvey Mudd College. He is the author of numerous research articles in fluid turbulence and mathematical biology, and has authored online textbooks and videos for his courses on differential equations, matrix algebra, mathematical biology and scientific computation. Before and after work, he enjoys family life, swimming and tennis, and takes great pleasure in his family’s annual camping and skiing vacations.

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Book Contents :-
Vector Calculus for Engineers written by Jeffrey R. Chasnov cover the following topics.
1. Vectors
2. Differentiation
3. Integration and Curvilinear Coordinates
4. Line and Surface Integrals
5. Fundamental Theorems
Appendix A Matrix addition and multiplication
Appendix B Matrix detrminants and inverses
Appendix C Problem solutions

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