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The Lanczos Method: Evolution and Application by Louis Komzsik

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About this book :-
The Lanczos Method: Evolution and Application written by Louis Komzsik
The subject of this book, the method of Lanczos, is probably one of the most influential methods of computational mathematics in the second half of the 20th century. Since Lanczos's seminal paper in 1950, despite some early setbacks about the applicability of the method in computers with finite precision arithmetic, the method found its way into many aspects of science and engineering. The applications are so widespread that it is practically impossible to describe them in a single book. This book follows the evolution of the method as it became more and more established and understood, and began to solve a wide variety of engineering analysis problems. The material in this book comes from seminars and lectures.

Book Detail :-
Title: The Lanczos Method: Evolution and Application
Author(s): Louis Komzsik , Arne Vollan
Publisher: Society for Industrial Mathematics
Series: Software, Environments and Tools
Year: 1987
Pages: 100
Type: PDF
Language: English
ISBN: 9780898715378,0898715377
Country: US
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About Author :-
The author Louis Komzsik is an engineering mathematician with four decades of industry experience in Europe and in the United States. He is a graduate of the Technical University of Budapest and the Eotvos University of Sciences in Hungary.
His industrial work focused on numerical computational techniques for industrial finite element analysis and captured in the NASTRAN Numerical methods handbook. He pioneered the introduction of several techniques that became de-facto industrial standards and his book about one of those topics, titled The Lanczos method, has also been published in Chinese, Japanese and Hungarian. Both of these books are used in the industry and in academia worldwide.
He also worked on the solution of rotor dynamics analysis problems with the finite element method and on the mathematical solutions of structural topology optimization. During the years he also taught as adjunct lecturer and visiting professor at various Southern California colleges and universities in the area of numerical analysis, linear algebra and finite element analysis.

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Book Contents :- The Lanczos Method: Evolution and Application written by Louis Komzsik cover the following topics.
1. The classical Lanczos method
2. The Lanczos method in exact arithmetic
3. The Lanczos method in finite precision
4. Block real symmetric Lanczos method
5. Block unsymmetric Lanczos method
6. Industrial implementation of the Lanczos method
7. Free undamped vibrations
8. Free damped vibrations
9. Forced vibration analysis
10. Linear systems and the Lanczos method
Closing Remarks
A Brief Biography of Cornelius Lanczos


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