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5 best industrial mathematics books of all time [2024-25]

Computational Techniques of Rotor Dynamics with the Finite Element Method by Louis Komzsik , Arne Vollan

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About this book :-
Computational Techniques of Rotor Dynamics with the Finite Element Method written by Louis Komzsik , Arne Vollan
Abstract: "This book covers using practical computational techniques for simulating behavior of rotational structures and then using the results to improve fidelity and performance. Applications of rotor dynamics are associated with important energy industry machinery, such as generators and wind turbines, as well as airplane engines and propellers. This book presents techniques that employ the finite element method for modeling and computation of forces associated with the rotational phenomenon. The authors also discuss state-of-the-art engineering software used for computational simulation, including eigenvalue analysis techniques used to ensure numerical accuracy of the simulations
In the second part of the book, Chapter 6 starts with the interpretation of the computational results that is instrumental in establishing the stable operational range of rotating machinery, which is discussed in detail. The dynamic response of rotational structures to external and internal excitations is explained by practical application examples in Chapter 7. The computational complexity of rotor dynamics is illustrated by a finite element case study in Chapter 8. Finally, the analysis of propellers that are important in the transportation industry and turbines that are instrumental in the energy industry is the specific focus of the concluding Chapters 9 and 10. This book is a self-contained volume supporting practicing engineers in all engineering fields encountering rotational phenomena. It is also a text for a graduate-level audience, but undergraduates studying this area of engineering will also find it useful. Researchers and members of academia teaching various aspects of the topic may also find the book a useful reference.

Book Detail :-
Title: Computational Techniques of Rotor Dynamics with the Finite Element Method
Author(s): Louis Komzsik , Arne Vollan
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 2012
Pages: 288
Type: PDF
Language: English
ISBN: 9781439847701,1439847703,978-1-4398-4772-5
Country: US
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About Author :-
The author Louis Komzsik is an engineering mathematician with four decades of industry experience in Europe and in the United States. He is a graduate of the Technical University of Budapest and the Eotvos University of Sciences in Hungary.
His industrial work focused on numerical computational techniques for industrial finite element analysis and captured in the NASTRAN Numerical methods handbook. He pioneered the introduction of several techniques that became de-facto industrial standards and his book about one of those topics, titled The Lanczos method, has also been published in Chinese, Japanese and Hungarian. Both of these books are used in the industry and in academia worldwide.
He also worked on the solution of rotor dynamics analysis problems with the finite element method and on the mathematical solutions of structural topology optimization. During the years he also taught as adjunct lecturer and visiting professor at various Southern California colleges and universities in the area of numerical analysis, linear algebra and finite element analysis.

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Book Contents :- Computational Techniques of Rotor Dynamics with the Finite Element Method written by Louis Komzsik , Arne Vollan cover the following topics.
About the Authors
Part-I Theoretical Foundation of Rotor Dynamics
1. Introduction to Rotational Physics
2. Coupled Solution Formulations
3. Finite Element Analysis of Rotating Structures
4. Computational Solution Techniques
5. Numerical Solution Techniques
Part-II Engineering Analysis of Rotating Structures
6. Resonances and Instabilities
7. Dynamic Response Analysis
8. A Finite Element Case Study
9. Analysis of Aircraft Propellers
10. Analysis of Wind Turbines

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