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basic technical mathematics with calculus 11e washington [pdf]

Basic Technical Mathematics with Calculus (11E) by Allyn J. Washington

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About this book :-
Basic Technical Mathematics with Calculus (11th Edition) written by Allyn J. Washington.
Basic Technical Mathematics with Calculus, Eleventh Edition, is intended primarily for students in technical and pre-engineering technical programs or other programs for which coverage of mathematics is required. Chapters 1 through 20 provide the necessary background for further study with an integrated treatment of algebra and trigonometry. Chapter 21 covers the basic topics of analytic geometry, and Chapter 22 gives an introduction to statistics. Chapters 23 through 31 cover fundamental concepts of calculus including limits, derivatives, integrals, series representation of functions, and differential equations. In the examples and exercises, numerous applications from the various fields of technology are included, primarily to indicate where and how mathematical techniques are used. However, it is not necessary that the student have a specific knowledge of the technical area from which any given problem is taken. Most students using this text will have a background that includes some algebra and geometry.
However, the material is presented in adequate detail for those who may need more study in these areas. The material presented here is sufficient for two to three semesters. One of the principal reasons for the arrangement of topics in this text is to present material in an order that allows a student to take courses concurrently in allied technical areas, such as physics and electricity. These allied courses normally require a student to know certain mathematics topics by certain definite times; yet the traditional order of topics in mathematics courses makes it difficult to attain this coverage without loss of continuity. However, the material in this book can be rearranged to fit any appropriate sequence of topics. The approach used in this text is not unduly rigorous mathematically, although all appropriate terms and concepts are introduced as needed and given an intuitive or algebraic foundation. The aim is to help the student develop an understanding of mathematical methods without simply providing a collection of formulas. The text material is developed recognizing that it is essential for the student to have a sound background in algebra and trigonometry in order to understand and succeed in any subsequent work in mathematics.

Book Detail :-
Title: Basic Technical Mathematics with Calculus
Edition: 11th
Author(s): Allyn J. Washington, Richard Evans
Publisher: Pearson
Year: 2017
Pages: 1127
Type: PDF
Language: English
ISBN: 013443773X,9780134437736
Country: USA
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About Author :-
The author Allyn J. Washington born 1930, Manchester, Connecticut, United States.
He is Bachelor of Science, Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut, 1953. Master of Science, Brown University, 1956.
He Join Instructor Trinity College, 1955—1957, Boise Junior College, Idaho, 1957—1958. Professor Dutchess Community College, Poughkeepsie, New York, 1958—1979, acting executive dean, 1974—1975. Textbook author Addison-Wesley public, Boston, since 1964.

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Book Contents :-
Basic Technical Mathematics with Calculus (11th Edition) written by Allyn J. Washington cover the following topics.
1. Basic Algebraic Operations
2. Geometry
3. Functions and Graphs
4. The Trigonometric Functions
5. Systems of Linear Equations; Determinants
6. Factoring and Fractions
7. Quadratic Equations
8. Trigonometric Functions of Any Angle
9. Vectors and Oblique Triangles
10. Graphs of the Trigonometric Functions
11. Exponents and Radicals
12. Complex Numbers
13. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
14. Additional Types of Equations and Systems of Equations
15. Equations of Higher Degree
16. Matrices; Systems of Linear Equations
17. Inequalities
18. Variation
19. Sequences and the Binomial Theorem
20. Additional Topics in Trigonometry
21. Plane Analytic Geometry
22. Introduction to Statistics
23. The Derivative
24. Applications of the Derivative
25. Integration
26. Applications of Integration
27. Differentiation of Transcendental Functions
28. Methods of Integration
29. Partial Derivatives and Double Integrals
30. Expansion of Functions in Series
31. Differential Equations
Appendix A Solving Word Problems
Appendix B Units of Measurement
Appendix C Newton’s Method
Appendix D A Table of Integrals


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