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calculus in context callahan, hoffman [pdf] MathSchool

Calculus in Context by James Callahan, Kenneth Hoffman
(The Five College Calculus Project)

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About this book :-
Calculus in Context (The Five College Calculus Project) written by James Callahan, Kenneth Hoffman
By studying this book you can see, quite explicitly, how we have pursued the curricular goals. In particular, every one of those goals is addressed within the very first chapter. It begins with questions about describing and analyzing the spread of a contagious disease. A model is built, and the model is a system of coupled non-linear differential equations. We then begin a numerical assault on those equations, and the door is opened to a solution by successive approximations.
Our implementation of the functional goals is less obvious, but it is still evident. For instance, the text has many more words than the traditional calculus book—it is a book to be read. Also, the exercises make unusual demands on students. Most exercises are not just variants of examples that have been worked in the text. In fact, the text has rather few simple “template” examples.

Book Detail :-
Title: Calculus in Context
Author(s): James Callahan, Kenneth Hoffman
Publisher: W. H. Freeman
Year: 1995
Pages: 870
Type: PDF
Language: English
ISBN: 0716726300, 978-0716726302
Country: US
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About Author :-
The author James Callahan is Professor Emeritus of Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Clark Science Center, Smith College , Northampton, MA 01063, US.
In 1975, James Callahan received the Lester R. Ford Award of the Mathematical Association of America and at Smith he has received the Faculty Distinguished Teaching Award and the Sears–Roebuck Foundation Award for Teaching Excellence and Campus Leadership. He has made research trips to England and France.
Callahan was the director of the Five College Calculus Project (funded by the National Science Foundation), and co–author of Calculus in Context (W. H. Freeman & Co, 1995). He wrote The Geometry of Spacetime (Springer–Verlag, 2000) an undergraduate text in mathematics about relativity, as well as Advanced Calculus: A Geometric View (Springer–Verlag, 2010).
Callahan's interests include geometry, dynamical systems, chaos and fractals, catastrophe theory, relativity, most areas of applied analysis and building things.

The author Kenneth Hoffman , a mathematician at
In 1956 he was instructor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology , 1957-1959 as Moore instructor. In 1959 he became Assistant Professor and in 1964 Professor of Mathematics. In 1968/69 he headed the Committee for Pure Mathematics at MIT and from 1969 to 1971 he headed the Education Commission at MIT. From 1971 to 1979 he headed the mathematics faculty. In 1996 he retired. He dealt with complex and abstract analysis, partly with Isadore M. Singer with commutative Banach algebras . He is also known as the author of a textbook on linear algebra with Ray Kunze .

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Book Contents :-
Calculus in Context (The Five College Calculus Project) written by James Callahan, Kenneth Hoffman cover the following topics. '
1. A Context for Calculus
2. Successive Approximations
3. The Derivative
4. Differential Equations
5. Techniques of Differentiation
6. The Integral
7. Periodicity
8. Dynamical Systems
9. Functions of Several Variables
10. Series and Approximations
11. Techniques of Integration
12. Case Studies


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