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college mathematics for business economics 13e, barnett [pdf]

College Mathematics: For Business, Economics, Life Sciences, And Social Sciences (13E) by Raymond A. Barnett

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About this book :-
College Mathematics: For Business, Economics, Life Sciences, And Social Sciences (13E) written by Raymond A. Barnett .
This textbook for Business, Economics, Life Sciences, and Social Sciences is designed for a two-term (or condensed one-term) course in finite mathematics and calculus for students who have had one to two years of high school algebra or the equivalent. The book’s overall approach, refined by the authors’ experience with large sections of college freshmen, addresses the challenges of teaching and learning when prerequisite knowledge varies greatly from student to student. The authors had three main goals when writing this text:
-> To write a text that students can easily comprehend
-> To make connections between what students are learning and how they may apply that knowledge
-> To give flexibility to instructors to tailor a course to the needs of their students.
Most important, all students get substantial experience in modeling and solving real-world problems through application examples and exercises chosen from business and economics, life sciences, and social sciences. Great care has been taken to write a book that is mathematically correct, with its emphasis on computational skills, ideas, and problem solving rather than mathematical theory.

Book Detail :-
Title: College Mathematics: For Business, Economics, Life Sciences, And Social Sciences
Edition: 13th
Author(s): Raymond A. Barnett
Publisher: Pearson
Year: 2015
Pages: 1042
Type: PDF
Language: English
ISBN: 0321945514, 9780321945518
Country: US
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About Author :- Raymond A. Barnett is a native of California, received his B.A. in mathematical statistics from the University of California at Berkeley and his M.A. in mathematics from the University of Southern California. He has been a member of the Merritt College Mathematics Department, and was chairman of the department for four years. Raymond Barnett has authored or co-authored eighteen textbooks in mathematics, most of which are still in use. In addition to international English editions, a number of books have been translated into Spanish. Michael Ziegler (late) received his B.S. from Shippensburg State College and his M.S. and Ph.D. from the University of Delaware. After completing post doctoral work at the University of Kentucky, he was appointed to the faculty of Marquette University where he held the rank of Professor in the Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science. Dr. Ziegler published over a dozen research articles in complex analysis and co-authored eleven undergraduate mathematics textbooks with Raymond A. Barnett, and more recently, Karl E. Byleen. Karl Byleen received his B.S., M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in mathematics from the University of Nebraska. He is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science of Marquette University. He has published a dozen research articles on the algebraic theory of semigroups.

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Book Contents :-
College Mathematics: For Business, Economics, Life Sciences, And Social Sciences (13E) written by Raymond A. Barnett cover the following topics.
Part-1 A Library of Elementary Functions
1. Linear Equations and Graphs
2. Functions and Graphs
Part-2 Finite Mathematics
3. Mathematics of Finance
4. Systems of Linear Equations; Matrices
5. Linear Inequalities and Linear Programming
6. Linear Programming: The Simplex Method
7. Logic, Sets, and Counting
8. Probability
9. Markov Chains
Part-3 Calculus
10. Limits and the Derivative
11. Additional Derivative Topics
12. Graphing and Optimization
13. Integration
14. Additional Integration Topics
15. Multivariable Calculus
Appendix A Basic Algebra Review
Appendix B Special Topics
Appendix C Tables
Index of Applications
Available separately: C alculus Topics to Accompany Calculus, 13e, and College Mathematics, 13e
1 Differential Equations
2 Taylor Polynomials and Infinite Series
3 Probability and Calculus
Appendixes A and B (Refer to back of College Mathematics for Business, Economics, Life Sciences, and Social Sciences, 13e)
Appendix C Tables
Appendix D S pecial Calculus Topic
Solutions to Odd-Numbered Exercises
Applications Index

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