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classical mechanics 3e herbert goldstein [pdf] MathSchool

Classical Mechanics (Third Edtion) by Herbert Goldstein

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About this book :-
Classical Mechanics (Third Edtion) written by Herbert Goldstein .
Several of the new features and approaches in this third edition had been mentioned as possibilities in the preface to the second edition, such as properties of group theory, tensors in non-Euclidean spaces, and “new mathematics” of theoretical physics such as manifolds. The reference to “One area omitted that deserves special attention—nonlinear oscillation and associated stability questions” now constitutes the subject matter of our new Chapter 11 “Classical Chaos.” We debated whether to place this new chapter after Perturbation theory where it fits more logically, or before Perturbation theory where it is more likely to be covered in class, and we chose the latter. The referees who reviewed our manuscript were evenly divided on this question.
The mathematical level of the present edition is about the same as that of the first two editions. Some of the mathematical physics, such as the discussions of hermitean and unitary matrices, was omitted because it pertains much more to quantum mechanics than it does to classical mechanics, and little used notations like dyadics were curtailed. Space devoted to power law potentials, Cayley-Klein parameters, Routh’s procedure, time independent perturbation theory, and the stress-energy tensor was reduced. In some cases reference was made to the second edition for more details. The problems at the end of the chapters were divided into “derivations” and “exercises,” and some new ones were added.

Book Detail :-
Title: Classical Mechanics
Edition: Third Edtion
Author(s): Herbert Goldstein
Pages: 665
Type: PDF
Language: English
ISBN: 978-81-317-5891-5, 978-93-325-7618-6
Country: US
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About Author :- The author Herbert Goldstein is from Columbia University and Charles P. Poole is from University of South Carolina and John L. Safko is from University of South Carolina

Book Contents :-
Classical Mechanics (Third Edtion) written by Herbert Goldstein cover the following topics. '
1. Survey of the Elementary Principles
2. Variational Principles and Lagrange’s Equations
3. The Central Force Problem
4. The Kinematics of Rigid Body Motion
5. The Rigid Body Equations of Motion
6. Oscillations
7. The Classical Mechanics of the Special Theory of Relativity
8. The Hamilton Equations of Motion
9. Canonical Transformations
10. Hamilton–Jacobi Theory and Action-Angle Variables
11. Classical Chaos
12. Canonical Perturbation Theory
13. Introduction to the Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Formulations for Continuous Systems and Fields
Appendix-A Euler Angles in Alternate Conventions and Cayley–Klein Parameters
Appendix-B Groups and Algebras
Appendix-C Solutions to Select Exercises


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