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classical mechanics 2nd edition, tai l chow [pdf] MathSchool

Classical Mechanics Second Edition By Tai L. Chow

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About this book :-
Classical Mechanics, 2E written by Tai Chow .
This book presents a reasonably complete account of the theoretical mechanics of particles and systems for physics students at the advanced undergraduate level. It is evolved from a set of lecture notes for a course on the subject, which I have taught at California State University, Stanislaus, for many years. We presume that the student has been exposed to a calculus-based general physics course (from a textbook such as that by Halliday and Resnick) and a course in calculus (including the handling of differentiations of field functions). No prior knowledge of differential equations is required. Differential equations and new mathematical methods are developed in the text as the occasion demands. Vectors are used from the start.
The book has 17 chapters, and with appropriate omission, the essential topics can be covered in a one-semester, four-hour course. We do not make any specific suggestions for a shorter course. We usually vary the topics to suit the ability and mathematical background of the students. We would encourage the more enthusiastic and able students to attempt to master on their own the material not covered in class (for extra credit). A major departure of this book from the conventional approach is the introduction of the Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formulations of mechanics at an early stage. In the conventional approach to the subject, Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formulations are presented near the end of the course, and students rarely develop a reasonable familiarity with these essential methods.

Book Detail :-
Title: Classical Mechanics
Edition: Second Edition
Author(s): Tai L. Chow
Pages: 631
Type: PDF
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-4665-7000-9
Country: US
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About Author :- The author Tai L. Chow, California State University Stanislaus, Turlock, CA, USA.

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Book Contents :-
Classical Mechanics, 2E written by Tai Chow cover the following topics. '
1. Kinematics: Describing the Motion
2. Newtonian Mechanics
3. Integration of Newton’s Equation of Motion
4. Lagrangian Formulation of Mechanics: Descriptions of Motion in Configuration Space
5. Hamiltonian Formulation of Mechanics: Descriptions of Motion in Phase Spaces
6. Motion Under a Central Force
7. Harmonic Oscillator
8. Coupled Oscillations and Normal Coordinates
9. Nonlinear Oscillations
10. Collisions and Scatterings
11. Motion in Non-Inertial Systems
12. Motion of Rigid Bodies
13. Theory of Special Relativity
14. Newtonian Gravity and Newtonian Cosmology
15. Hamilton–Jacobi Theory of Dynamics
16. Introduction to Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Formulations for Continuous Systems and Classical Fields
Appendix-1 Vector Analysis and Ordinary Differential Equations
Appendix-2 D’Alembert’s Principle and Lagrange’s Equations
Appendix-3 Derivation of Hamilton’s Principle from D’Alembert’s Principle
Appendix-4 Noether’s Theorem.
Appendix-5 Conic Sections, Ellipse, Parabola, and Hyperbola.


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