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ring theory huynh, permouth, jain, rizvi, roman [pdf]

Ring Theory and Its Applications by Dinh Huynh, SK Jain, Sergio Lopez-Permouth, Tariq Rizvi, Cosmin Roman

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About this book :-
Ring Theory and Its Applications written by Dinh Huynh, SK Jain, Sergio Lopez-Permouth, Tariq Rizvi, Cosmin Roman
This volume is an outcome of invited lectures delivered at the Ring Theory Section of the 23rd Ohio State-Denison Conference in May 1996. It also contains articles by some invited mathematicians who could not attend the conference. These peer-refereed articles showcase the latest developments and trends in classical Ring Theory, highlighting the crossfertilization of new techniques and ideas with the existing ones. Providing a wide variety of methodologies, this volume should be valuable both to graduate students as well as to specialists in Ring Theory.
The book shows developments in many subjects of this very active field of rings and modules and it contains a wealth of new ideas, techniques and results delivered by some of the most important researchers in the field...

Book Detail :-
Title: Ring Theory and Its Applications
Author(s): Dinh Huynh, SK Jain, Sergio Lopez-Permouth, Tariq Rizvi, Cosmin Roman
Publisher: Amer Mathematical Society
Series: Trends in Mathematics
Year: 2014
Pages: 330
Type: PDF
Language: English
ISBN: 0821887971,9780821887974
Country: India
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About Author :-
Author Syed Tariq Rizvi is Professor and the Coordinator of Department of Mathematics, the Ohio State University (OSU), Lima, USA. After receiving his Ph.D. from McMaster University (Canada) in 1981 and teaching at the University of Waterloo (Canada), he joined OSU in 1982. A recipient of the Outstanding Scholar Award from OSU and a Fulbright Fellow Award from the Fulbright Board, Washington, DC, Professor Rizvi is world renowned for his research contributions to the theory of rings and modules. He has numerous research papers to his credit published in several international journals of high repute, published a monograph by Birkhäuser and coedited five research volumes with other reputed publishers. He also serves on editorial boards of ten international journals, including two as a managing or executive editor. Professor Rizvi has given over 120 invited talks at several national and international conferences, many as a plenary speaker. He has regularly organized sessions at a number of conferences including at the American Mathematical Society conferences and the Ohio State-Denison Math Conference series.
Author Syed SK Jain , Department of Mathematics, Ohio University, Athens.

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Book Contents :-
Ring Theory and Its Applications written by Dinh Huynh, SK Jain, Sergio Lopez-Permouth, Tariq Rizvi, Cosmin Roman cover the following topics.
Thoughts On Eggert’s Conjecture by George M. Bergman
p-Extensions by Papiya Bhattacharjee, Michelle L. Knox, and Warren Wm. McGovern
Strongly J-Clean Rings With Involutions by Huanyin Chen, Abdullah Harmanci, and A. C¸ i?gdem ¨Ozcan
QF Rings Characterized by Injectivities: A Survey
Jianlong Chen, Wenxi Li, and Liang Shen by Repeated-Root Cyclic and Negacyclic Codes of Length 6ps Hai Q. Dinh
Cyclically Presented Modules, Projective Covers and Factorizations by Alberto Facchini, Daniel Smertnig, and Nguyen Khanh Tung
Isomorphisms of Some Quantum Spaces by Jason Gaddis
Additive Unit Representations in Endomorphism Rings and an Extension of a Result of Dickson and Fuller by Pedro A. Guil Asensio and Ashish K. Srivastava
On a Class of ?-Supplemented Modules by Burcu Ungor, Sait Halicioglu, and Abdullah Harmanci
Definable Classes and Mittag-Leffler Conditions by Dolors Herbera
A Note on Clean Group Algebras by Kanchan Joshi, Pramod Kanwar, and J. B. Srivastava
On Dual Baer Modules by Derya Keskin T¨utunc¨u, Patrick F. Smith, and Sultan Eylem Toksoy
Jacobson’s Lemma for Drazin Inverses by T. Y. Lam and Pace P. Nielsen
Transfer of Certain Properties from Modules to their Endomorphism Rings by Gangyong Lee, S. Tariq Rizvi, and Cosmin S. Roman
From Boolean Rings to Clean Rings by Tsiu-Kwen Lee and Yiquiang Zhou
On Right Strongly McCoy Rings by Andr´e Leroy and Jerzy Matczuk
Compatible Ring Structures on Injective Hulls of Finitely Embedded Rings by Barbara L. Osofsky
Good Matrix Gradings from Directed Graphs by Kenneth L. Price and Stephen Szydlik
Leavitt Path Algebras Which Are Zorn Rings by Kulumani M. Rangaswamy
Sheaves That Fail to Represent Matrix Rings by Manuel L. Reyes
Rings of Invariant Module Type and Automorphism-Invariant Modules by Surjeet Singh and Ashish K. Srivastava


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