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Henry edwards huntington: a biography, james thorpe [pdf]

Henry Edwards Huntington: A Biography by James Thorpe

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About this book :-
Henry Edwards Huntington: A Biography written by James Thorpe .
This biography is based on a reading and study of a vast quantity of manuscript material. Huntington was himself careful to keep his letters, notes, and other records; several of his family members (particularly his mother, his sister Carrie, and his daughter Elizabeth) were assiduous savers; and his private secretaries preserved his papers and all sorts of material about him. As a consequence, we have an incredibly rich written account of his life, as preserved in correspondence, notes, journals, and a variety of other documents. And we also have a full record of the ephemeral reminders of his daily activities, like invitations, menus, children's letters, clothing lists, table seating diagrams, programs, lists of books and art he wanted, travel itineraries, gift lists, and the like. He had trusted business associates in charge of his many companies, and theyalong with the secretaries and bookkeeperswere very particular to keep full company records, including correspondence, ledgers, and financial reports.
Fortunately, the great majority of this material is preserved at the Huntington Library. The core of it consists of two hundred boxes of cataloged letters and related papers, comprising some twenty-five thousand items and covering all periods of Huntington's life. This is a treasure trove of riches that illuminate the central aspects of his life. In addition to these boxes are some one hundred fifty large lots of uncataloged (and uncatalogable) material; in all, they include millions of pieces of paper. One lot, for example, has eleven boxes of book bills from 1892 to 1927. The records of some fifty companies in which Huntington had a major interest are also present. There are nearly two hundred scrapbooks or large boxes of clippings about him or his interests. His personal finances are recorded in fifty volumes or boxes of ledgers, journals, accounts, and balance sheets. There are some five hundred original maps, mostly of Southern California, as well as the surveyors' field books and notes for them. And so forth. The Huntington photograph collections have more than a thousand pictures of him and many thousands of other images relevant to his life. These core holdings have been enriched by various other papers relating to the life of Huntington. His sister, Caroline Huntington Holladay, and her descendants made early and late additions, including crucial diaries and journals and early memorabilia. Among later additions of great importance are the separate Metcalf Papers, centering around Huntington's favorite daughter, Elizabeth Huntington Metcalf, and consisting of twenty-six boxes of correspondence and forty-two scrapbooks and twelve boxes of clippings and memorabilia. Other collections at the Huntington Library of significance to the life of Huntington are the Patton Collection, the Shorb Collection, and the Hale Papers. The extensive institutional archives contain a large amount of material directly relating to Huntington, literally thousands of letters and papers. Soon after his death, a systematic effort was made to collect the reminiscences or recollections of persons who knew him, and the result was about fifty documents, some of considerable length and some of vital importance.
One large collection of value not at the Huntington Library is the Collis P. Huntington Papers, deposited at Syracuse University by Archer Huntington's widow and available in a microfilm edition. Its one hundred and fifteen reels contain about a hundred and fifty thousand letters and sixty-five thousand pages of legal and financial records.

Book Detail :-
Title: Henry Edwards Huntington: A Biography
Author(s): James Thorpe
Publisher: University of California Press
Year: 1994
Pages: 751
Type: PDF
Language: English
ISBN: 0520082540,9780520082540,0585231826,9780585231822
Country: US
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About Author :- The author Henry Edwards, University of Georgia, received his Ph.D. from the University of Tennesee in 1960. He then taught at the University of Wisconsin for three years and spent a year at the Institute for Advanced Study (Princeton) as an Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow. Professor Edwards has just completed his thirtythird year of teaching at Georgia (including teaching calculus almost every year) and has received numerous University-wide teaching awards. His scholarly career has ranged from research and dissertation direction in topology to the history of mathematics to computing and technology in mathematics ( his focus in recent years). In addition to his calculus, advanced calculus, linear algebra, and differential equations textbooks, he is also well-known to calculus instructors as author of The Historical Development of the Calculus.

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Book Contents :-
Henry Edwards Huntington: A Biography written by James Thorpe cover the following topics. '
1. Growing up in Oneonta 1850-1869
2. Toward Independence 1869-1873
3. Trial and Error 1873-1881
4. Working on the Railroad 1881-1885
5. Running a Railroad 1885-1892
6. Going to California 1892-1894
7. Becoming a Californian 1895-1900
8. Uncle Collis 1900
9. Ending the Past 1900-1906
10. Businessman of Southern California 1900-1910
11. Hero of Southern California 1900-1910
12. Changing Directions 1903-1910
13. Beginning a New Life 1911-1914
14. Arabella 1852-1913
15. The New Life: Eastern Division 1914-1919
16. The New Life: Western Division 1914-1919
17. Living the New Life 1920-1924
18. Achievment and Acclaim 1920-1924
19. The Dark Side of Fame 1920-1924
20. The Quiet Time 1924-1927
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