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Lectures on Fourier Integrals by Salomon Bochner, Morris Tenenbaum, Harry Pollard

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About this book :-
Lectures on Fourier Integrals written by Salomon Bochner, Morris Tenenbaum, Harry Pollard .
For undertaking this translation of Bochner's classical book and its supplement (Monotone Funktionen, Stieltjessche Integrals and harmonische Analyse, Mathematische Annalen, Volume 108 (1933), our main purpose wa to make generally available to the present generation of grouptheorists and practitioners in distributions the historical and pratitioners in distributions the historical and concrete problems which gave rise to these disciplines. Here can be found the theory of positive definite functions, of the generalized Fourier integral, and even forms of the important theorems concerning the reciprocal of Fourier transforms.
The translators are grateful to Professor Bochner for his encouragement in this work and for his many valuable suggestions.
(Morris Tenenbaum, Harry Pollard)

Book Detail :-
Title: Lectures on Fourier Integrals
Author(s): Salomon Bochner, Morris Tenenbaum, Harry Pollard
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Series: Annals of Mathematics Studies
Year: 1959
Pages: 76
Type: PDF
Language: English
ISBN: 9780691079943,0691079943
Country: US
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About Author :-
The author Morris Tanenbaum , born 1928, is an American physical chemist and executive who has worked at Bell Laboratories and AT&T Corporation.
Tanenbaum made significant contributions in the fields of transistor development and semiconductor manufacturing. Although it was not made public at the time, he developed the first silicon transistor, demonstrating it on January 26, 1954 at Bell Labs.[1][2] He also helped develop the first gas-diffused silicon transistor, which convinced Bell administrators to support the use of silicon over germanium in their transistor design. He later led a team that developed the first high-field superconducting magnets.
Later in his career he became an executive. He dealt with the separation of Bell Laboratories and AT&T, and became the first Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board at AT&T Corporation as of January 1, 1984.

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Book Contents :- Lectures on Fourier Integrals written by Salomon Bochner, Morris Tenenbaum, Harry Pollard cover the following topics.
1. Basic Properties of Trigonometric Integrals
2. Representation and Sum Formulas
3. The Fourier Integral Theorem
4. Stieltjes Integral
5. Operations with Functions of the Class
6. Generalized Trigonometric Integrals
7. Analytic and Harmonic Functions
8. Boundary Value Problems for Harmonic Funcitons
9. Functions of Several Variables

Remarks Quantations
1. Monotonic Functions
2. Stieltjes Integrals
3. Harmonic Analysis


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