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complex aAnalysis for Math & Engineering 6e john mathews [pdf]

Complex Analysis for Mathematics & Engineering (6E) by John H. Mathews, Russell W. Howell

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Complex Analysis for Mathematics & Engineering, 6E written by John H. Mathews, Russell W. Howell .
Approach this text is intended for undergraduate students in mathematics, physics, and engineering. We have attempted to strike a balance between the pure and applied aspects of complex analysis and to present concepts in a clear writing style that is understandable to students at the junior or senior undergraduate level. A wealth of exercises that vary in both difficulty and substance gives the text flexibility.
APPROACH this text is designed for students in mathematics, physics, and engineering at the junior or senior undergraduate level. The necessary theoretical concepts and proofs are illustrated with practical applications and are presented in a style that is enjoyable for students to read. We believe both mathematicians and scientists should be exposed to a careful presentation of mathematics. Our use of the term “careful” here means paying attention to such things as ensuring requiredassumptions are met before using a theorem, checking that algebraic operations are valid, and confirming that formulas have not been blindly applied.
The purpose of the first six chapters is to lay the foundations for the study of complex analysis and develop the topics of analytic and harmonic functions, the elementary functions, and contour integration. If the goal is to study series and the residue calculus and applications, then Chapters 7 and 8 can be covered. If conformal mapping and applications of harmonic functions are desired, then Chapters 9 and 10 can be studied after Chapter 6. A new Chapter 11 on Fourier and Laplace transforms has been added for courses that emphasize more applications.
(John H. Mathews, Russell W. Howell)

Book Detail :-
Title: Complex Analysis for Mathematics & Engineering
Edition: 6th
Author(s): John H. Mathews, Russell W. Howell
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Pub
Year: 2012
Pages: 792
Type: PDF
Language: English
ISBN: 1449604455,9781449604455
Country: US
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About Author :-
The author John Mathews (1932-1979) was a physicist, yachtsman, scholar, and adventurer. After a 23-year career as a physics professor, he was lost at sea and presumed drowned during a circumnavigation attempt with his wife Jean in 1979.
Mathews was born in Los Angeles, California, the son of John H. “Jack” Mathews, an attorney, and Grace Logie Mathews, a schoolteacher. His paternal grandfather was Los Angeles city attorney W.B. Mathews. He grew up in Hollywood, graduated from the Flintridge Preparatory School, and enrolled in Pomona College in 1948 at the age of 16. As a sophomore, he met Charlotte Dallett, a chemistry student. Mathews also played shortstop for two years on Pomona’s baseball team. In June 1952, Mathews and Charlotte were married. He then graduated summa cum laude in Mathematics.
Mathews received a Fulbright Scholarship, and moved with Charlotte to England for his year of study at Cambridge University. In 1953, he continued his graduate studies at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, earning a PhD in 1956.

The author Russell W. Howell, Westmont College, Montecito, California, United States

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Complex Analysis for Mathematics & Engineering, 6E written by John H. Mathews, Russell W. Howell cover the following topics.
1. Complex Numbers
2. Complex Functions
3. Analytic and Harmonic Functions
4. Sequences, Julia and Mandelbrot Sets, and Power Series
5. Elementary Functions
6. Complex Integration
7. Taylor and Laurent Series
8. Residue Theory
9. z-Transforms and Applications
10. Conformal Mapping
11. Applications of Harmonic Functions
12. Fourier Series and the Laplace Transform


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