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biomathematics modelling and simulation j c misra [pdf]

Biomathematics: Modelling and Simulation by J. C. Misra

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About this book :-
Biomathematics: Modelling and Simulation written by J. C. Misra .
This book Provides information on modelling and simulation in biomathematics. This book is of interest to researchers who are interested in the various areas of the field, and to graduate students in related areas, as well as lecturers. Some of the chapters have been written by distinguished experts in the field.
This book consists of chapters that deal with important topics in Biomathematics. A glance through any modern textbook or journal in the fields of ecology, genetics, physiology or biochemistry reveals that there has been an increasing use of mathematics, which ranges from the solution of complicated differential equation in population studies to the use of transfer functions in the analysis of eye-tracking mechanisms. This volume deals with Applied Mathematics in Biology and Medicine and is concerned with applied mathematical models and computer simulation in the areas of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Biological Soft Tissues and Structures as well as Bioengineering.
In this volume an attempt has been made to cover biological background and mathematical techniques whenever required. The aim has been to formulate various mathematical models on a fairly general platform, making the biological assumptions quite explicit and to perform the analysis in relatively rigorous terms. I hope, the choice and treatment of the problems will enable the readers to understand and evaluate detailed analyses of specific models and applications in the literature.

Book Detail :-
Title: Biomathematics: Modelling and Simulation
Author(s): J. C. Misra
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company
Year: 2006
Type: PDF
Language: English
ISBN: 9789812381101,9812381104
Country: India
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About Author :- J. C. Misra, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.

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Book Contents :-
Biomathematics: Modelling and Simulation written by J. C. Misra . cover the following topics.
1. Detecting Mosaic Structures in DNA Sequence Alignments
Dirk Husmeier
2 Application of Statistical Methodology and Model Design to Socio-Behaviour of HIV Transmission
Jacob Oluwoye
3. A Stochastic Model Incorporating HIV Treatments for a Heterosexual Population: Impact on Threshold Conditions
Robert J. Gallop, Charles J. Mode and Candace K. Sleeman
4. Modeling and Identification of the Dynamics of the MF-Infiuenced Free-Radical Transformations in Lipid-Modeling Substances and Lipids
j.Bentsman , i.V.Dardynskaia, O.Shadyro, G.Pellegrinetti, r.Blauwkamp And G.Gloushonok
5. Computer Simulation of Self Reorganization in Biological Cells
Donald Greenspan
6. Modelling Biological Gel Contraction by Cells: Consequences of Cell Traction Forces Distribution and Initial Stress
7. Peristaltic Transport of Physiological Fluids
J. C. Misra and S. K. Pandey
8. Mathematical Modelling of DNA Knots and Links
J. C. Misra and S. Mukherjee
9. Using Monodomain Computer Models for the Simulation of Electric Fields During Excitation Spread in Cardiac Tissue
10. Flow in Tubes with Complicated Geometries with Special Application to Blood Flow in Large Arteries
Girija Jayaraman
11. Mathematical Modeling in Reproductive Biomedicine
Shivani Sharma and Sujoy K. Guha
12. Image Theory and Applications in Bioelectromagnetics
P.d.Einziger , L.M.Livshitz And j.Mizrahi
13. Dynamics of Humanoid Robots: Geometrical and Topological Duality
Vladimir G.Ivancevic
14. The Effects of Body Composition on Energy Expenditure and Weight Dynamics During Hypophagia: A Setpoint Analysis
Frank P.Kozusko
15. Mathematical Models in Population Dynamics and Ecology
Rui Dilao
16. Modelling in Bone Biomechanics
J. C. Misra and S. Samanta

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