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geometry & trigonometry for calculus peter selby [pdf] MathSchool

Geometry and Trigonometry for Calculus: A Self-Teaching Guide by Peter H. Selby

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About this book :-
Geometry and Trigonometry for Calculus: A Self-Teaching Guide written by Peter H. Selby
This book is intended primarily as a refresher for those who have completed the Wiley Self-Teaching Guide Practical Algebra. However, since it covers the topics usually found in any intermediate algebra course, it should serve equally well as a review for the reader who at some time has had either a second course in high school algebra or a first course in college algebra. Adult learners should find this book especially helpful since the review format used will enable him/her to identify, quickly and easily, the specific algebraic concepts and methods still familiar, as well as those that are hazy and therefore need special attention. (If, ofcourse, you find you have forgotten more than you thought and perhaps need some relearning, you probably should procure a copy of Practical Algebra and study there the topics with which you are having difficulty.)
Unit 1 reviews some of the similarities and differences between arithmetic and algebra. This will help you get started. Subsequent units deal with these and other topics in more detail.
To help you decide if you need to read Unit 1, turn to page 1 and you will find there a short pretest. Take this test and see how you get along. If 90 percent or more ofyour answers are correct, you may wish to go directly to Unit 2. Otherwise it probably would be best to start with Unit 1.
Each unit begins with several pages of review items presented in tabular form. In each case, an example is given and a page reference where a fuller explanation may be found. Reference numbers correspond to review item numbers. In many cases—depending, of course, on how recently you have studied algebra and how much you recall—the review item and example will refresh your memory sufficiently. However, when you find you need further help, turn to the page indicated, where you also will find additional examples and practice problems.

Book Detail :-
Title: Geometry and Trigonometry for Calculus: A Self-Teaching Guide
Author(s): Peter H. Selby
Publisher: Wiley
Year: 1975
Pages: 434
Type: PDF
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0471775584
Country: US
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About Author :-
Author Peter H. Selby is Director of Educational Technology, MAN FACTORS, INC, San Diego, California.

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3. Geometry and Trigonometry for Calculus: A Self-Teaching Guide by Peter H. Selby

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Book Contents :-
Geometry and Trigonometry for Calculus: A Self-Teaching Guide written by Peter H. Selby cover the following topics.
1. Plane Geometry, Definitions and Methods of Proof
2. Plane Geometry, Congruency and Parallelism
3. Plane Geometry, Circles and Similarity
4. Plane Geometry, Areas, Polygons and Locus
5. Numerical Trigonometry
6. Trigonometric Analysis
7. Analytic Geometry
8. Conic Sections
9. Limits

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