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iit-jee super course in mathematics: algebra 1 trishna [pdf]

Algebra I: IIT JEE Super Course in Mathematics by Trishna Knowledge Systems

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Here is extisive list of Basic Algebra Books . We hope students and teachers like these textbooks, notes and solution manuals.

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About this book :-
Algebra I: IIT JEE Super Course in Mathematics written by Trishna Knowledge Systems
IIT JEE Super Course in Mathematics: Algebra I is a class-tested course content package for sure-shot success at the IIT-JEE. Each volume in this series is meticulously planned and structured to help the user imbibe and absorb concepts and apply them to IIT problems. This title follows a unique, user-friendly approach, with features such as Concept Strands, Concept Connectors, Topic Grip, IIT Assignment Exercise, which make the learning and application for the coveted IIT-JEE circuit both easy and enjoyable.
This series of books serves as a source of learning that goes beyond the school curricuum of Class XI and Class XII and is intended to form a backbone of preparation of an aspring student. These books have been designed objective of guiding an aspirant to his/her goal n clearly defined step by step approach.
This series covers all the concepts in the latest IIT-JEE syllabus by segregating them into appropriate units. The theories are explained in detail and are illustrated using solved examples detailing the different applications of the concepts.
At the the end of the theory content in each unit, a good number of Solved Examples are provided and they are designed to give the aspirant a comprehensive exposure to the application of the concepts at the problem solving level.
Over 200 unsolved problems are presented for practice at the end of every chapter, Hints and solutions for the same are also provided. These problems are designed to sharpen the aspirant's problem solving skills in a step by step manner.

Book Detail :-
Title: Algebra I: IIT JEE Super Course in Mathematics
Author(s): Trishna Knowledge Systems
Publisher: Pearson India
Year: 2011
Pages: 365
Type: PDF
Language: English
ISBN: 8131759822,9788131759820,9332511896,9789332511897
Country: India
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About Author :-
The author Trishna Knowledge Systems The IIT, JEE, the most challenging amongst national level engineering entrance examinations in india, remains on the top of priority list of several lakhs of students every year. The brand value of the IIT's attracts more and more students every year but the challenge posed by the IIT-JEE ensures that only the best of the aspirants get into the IIT's students require thorow understanding of the fundamental concepts, reasoning skills, ability to comprehend the presented situation and exception problem solving skills to come on top in this highly demanding entrance examination.

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Book Contents :-
Algebra I: IIT JEE Super Course in Mathematics written by Trishna Knowledge Systems cover the following topics.
Set of Real Numbers, Surds, HCF (or GCD) and LCM, Ratio, Proportion and Variation, Indices, Logarithms, Polynomials, Modulus, Inequalities, Arithmetic Mean, Geometric Mean, Determinents, Important Results in Geometry, Locus-Equation of a Locus, Trigonometry, Fundamentals, Fundamental Counting Principal.

2-Quadratic Equations and Expressions
Roots of the Quadratic Equation, Symmetric Functions, Nature of Roots of a Quadratic Equation, Introduction to Complex Numbers, Common Roots, Quadratic Expression, Maximum and Minimum Values of a Quadratic Expression, Polynomial Equation of Degree n

Introduction, Trigonometry Fundamentals, Periodic Property of Circular Functions and Graphs of Circular Functions, Formulas for circular Functions of Related Angles, Circular Functions of Compound Angles, Inverse Circular Fucntions, Trigonometric Equations

4-Properties of Triangles
Introduction, Law of Sines (or Sine Formulas), Law of Consines (Cosine Formulas), Projection Formulas, Formulas for r, r1, r2, and r3, Heights and Distances.

5-Properties of Triangles
Sequences, Series, Arithmetic Series (or Series in AP), Goemetric Series(or Series in GP), Arithmetic Geometric Series, Harmonic Series (Series in HP), Arithmetic Mean, Geometric Mean and Harmonic Mean, Procedure to find the AMs, GMs, HMs between a and b, Summation Symbol Sigma, Summation of Series, Partial Fractions.

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