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10 best algebraic topology books of all time [update 2024]

10 Best Algebraic Topology Books of All Time [Update 2024]

Are you looking for the Best Algebraic Topology Books? If your answer is yes, then take a look at following text and download your requried free pdf books. Before starting the topic best algebraic topology books you have to know about what is algebraic topology?

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Here is extisive list of Algebraic Topology Books . We hope students and teachers like these textbooks, notes and solution manuals.

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Algebraic topology is a branch of mathematics that is uses tools of from abstract algebra to study of spaces (topological spaces and maps).

In algebraic topology, we investigate spaces by mapping them to algebraic objects such as groups, and thereby bring into play new methods and intuitions from algebra to answer topological questions.

Branches of Algebraic Topology
Homotopy groups, Homology, Cohomology, Manifolds, Knot theory and Complexes are the main branches of algebraic topology

Applications of Algebraic Topology
Algebraic topology is used in medical imaging, such as CT scans, to reconstruct three-dimensional shapes from cross-sectional (tomographic) data. Homotopy is used a lot in differential equations and machine learning algorithms, while homology is used in clustering, shape comparison, and partitioned regression.

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Best Algebraic Topology Books

A First Course in Algebraic Topology by Czes Kosniowski A First Course in Algebraic Topology by Czes Kosniowski
  • Free
  • English
  • Read Online 82
  • Page 263

  • Algebraic Topology by Andreas Kriegl Algebraic Topology by Andreas Kriegl
  • Free
  • English
  • PDF 44
  • Page 172

  • Vector Bundles K Theory by Allen Hatcher Vector Bundles K Theory by Allen Hatcher
  • Free
  • English
  • PDF 38
  • Page 124

  • Algebraic Topology by Michael Starbird Algebraic Topology by Michael Starbird
  • Free
  • English
  • PDF
  • Page 127