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black holes information string theory susskind, lindesay [pdf]

An Introduction to Black Holes Information and the String Theory Revolution by Leonard Susskind, James Lindesay

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About this book :-
An Introduction to Black Holes Information and the String Theory Revolution written by Leonard Susskind, James Lindesay.
The quantum theory of black holes, with or without strings, is far from being a textbook subject with well defined rules.To borrow words from Sidney Coleman, it is a “trackless swamp” with many false but seductive paths and no maps.T o navigate it without disaster we will need some beacons in the form of trusted principles that we can turn to for direction. In this book the absolute truth of the following four propositions will be x Black Holes, Information, and the String Theory Revolution assumed: 1) The formation and evaporation of a black hole is consistent with the basic principles of quantum mechanics.In particular, this means that observations performed by observers who remain outside the black hole can be described by a unitary time evolution.The global process, beginning with asymptotic infalling objects and ending with asymptotic outgoing evaporation products is consistent with the existence of a unitary S-matrix.2) The usual semiclassical description of quantum fields in a slowly varying gravitational background is a good approximation to certain coarse grained features of the black hole evolution.T hose features include the thermodynamic properties, luminosity, energy momentum flux, and approximate black body character of Hawking radiation.3 ) Thirdly we assume the usual connection between thermodynamics and quantum statistical mechanics.T hermodynamics results from coarse graining a more microscopic description so that states with similar macroscopic behavior are lumped into a single thermodynamic state.The existence of a thermodynamics will be taken to mean that a microscopic set of degrees of freedom exists whose coarse graining leads to the thermal description.M ore specifically we assume that a thermodynamic entropy S implies that approximately exp(S) quantum states have been lumped into one thermal state.

Book Detail :-
Title: An Introduction to Black Holes Information and the String Theory Revolution
Author(s): Leonard Susskind, James Lindesay
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd.
Pages: 197
Type: PDF
Language: English
ISBN: 981-256-083-1, ISBN 981-256-131-5
Country: US
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Book Contents :-
An Introduction to Black Holes Information and the String Theory Revolution written by Leonard Susskind, James Lindesay cover the following topics.
Part-1 Black Holes and Quantum Mechanics
1.The Schwarzschild Black Hole
2.Scalar Wave Equation in a Schwarzschild Background
3.Quantum Fields in Rindler Space
4.Entropy of the Free Quantum Field in Rindler Space
5.Thermodynamics of Black Holes
6.Charged Black Holes
7.The Stretched Horizon
8.The Laws of Nature
9.The Puzzle of Information Conservation in Black Hole Environments
10.Horizons and the UV/IR Connection
Part-2 Entropy Bounds and Holography
11.Entropy Bounds
12.The Holographic Principle and Anti de Sitter Space
13.Black Holes in a Box
Part-3 Black Holes and Strings
15.Entropy of Strings and Black Holes


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