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Schaums Descriptive geometry minor clyde hawk [pdf] MathSchool

Schaum's Outline of Theory and Problems of Descriptive Geometry By Minor Hawk

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About this book :-
Schaum's Outline of Theory and Problems of Descriptive Geometry written by Minor Hawk
This book is designed primarily to supplement standard texts in introductory Descriptive Geometry, based on the author's firm conviction that numerous solved problems constitute one of the best means for clarifying and fixing in mind basic principles. Moreover, the statements of theory and principle are sufficiently complete that, with suitable handling lecture-laboratory time, the book could be used as a text by itself.
In most engineering and technical schools the same course in Descriptive Geometry is offered to engineering and science students alike. They are given the same lectures and attend the same laboratory classes to solve the same types of problems. This book, therefore, attempts to present, as simply as possible, the basic principles which the author believes should be a vital and necessary part of every engineering and science student's education. A thorough understanding of these fundamental phases of graphical analysis should be sufficient to develop the student's potential for solving more difficult graphical problems to be encountered later on in individual fields of endeavor. No attempt is made to reach every phase of work involved in such a wide field of study because, first of all, and unfortunately, in many engineering schools only a minimum of time is,allocated for the study of Descriptive Geometry; secondly, the diversity of interests and departmental requirients make it imperative that only the fundamental items of interest to the majority of engineering and science students be included in a basic course of study.
The subject matter is divided into chapters covering duly-recognized areas of theory and study. Each chapter begins with statements of pertinent definitions, principles and theorems together with illustrative and descriptive material. This is followed by graded sets of solved and supplementary problems. The solved problems illustrate and amplify the theory, present methods of analysis, provide practical examples, and bring into sharp focus those fine points which enable the student to apply the basic principles correctly and confidently. Most of the practical problems are analyzed and solved step by step to insure complete understanding on the part of the student. It should be mentioned, however, that the solutions as given do not usually limit themselves to anyone particular method. Most of the problems could be solved in several different ways, all consistent with proven principles of graphical analysis.

Book Detail :-
Title: Schaum's Outline of Theory and Problems of Descriptive Geometry
Author(s): Minor Clyde Hawk
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Year: 1962
Pages: 222
Type: PDF
Language: English
ISBN: 0070272905,9780070272903
Country: US
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About Author :-
The author Minor Clyde Hawk , Chairman, Engineering Graphics Division, Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States.

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Book Contents :-
Schaum's Outline of Theory and Problems of Descriptive Geometry written by Minor Hawk cover the following topics. 1. ORTHOGRAPHIC DRAWING
Introduction. Definitions. Multiview drawings. Notation. Related views. Visualization. Problem layout.
Location of a point or line in the principal views. To project a point on a line from one view to another view when the line is parallel to a principal plane. To locate a point in a plane. Fundamental views. The true length of a straight line. The true slope of a straight line. To draw the views of a line given the true length, slope, and bearing. The straight line appearing as a point. The plane appearing as an edge. The true slope of a plane. The plane appearing in its true size and shape. To locate a given plane figure in a given plane. To draw a circle of given diameter on an oblique plane.
Theorems on lines and planes. Skew lines. To draw a plane containing one given line and parallel to another given line. To determine the shortest distance between any two non-intersecting, non-parallel lines. To determine the shortest level distance between two non-intersecting, non-parallel lines. To determine the shortest line of given slope connecting two non-intersecting, non-parallel lines.
To determine where a line intersects a plane. Intersection of planes.
Projection of a point on a plane. Projection of a line on a plane. Shortest distance from a point to a line. To draw a line perpendicular to a plane. Shortest grade line from a point to a plane. To draw a plane through a given point and perpendicular to a given line. To draw a plane through a given line and perpendicular to a given plane. To draw a plane through a given point perpendicular to each of two given planes.
Dihedral angle. To determine the angle between a line and a plane.
Basic principles of revolution. To find the true length of a line. To find the true size of a plane. To find the dihedral angle. To find the angle between a line and a plane. To find a line at given angles with two principal planes.
Definitions. To determine the points at which a straight line pierces a cylinder. Intersection of a plane and a prism. Intersection of prisms. Intersection of a prism and a pyramid. Intersection of cone and prism. Intersection of two cylinders. Intersection of a cylinder and a cone. Intersection of two right circular cones having parallel bases. Development of a prism. Development of a right pyramid. Development of an oblique pyramid. Development of a right circular cylinder. Development of an oblique cylinder. Development of a right circular cone. Development of an oblique cone. Transition - square to square. Transitionrectangular to circular.
Definitions. To determine the strike and dip from given map data. To determine the strike, dip, outcrop, and thickness of a vein. To determine the strike, dip, and thickness of a vein using two non-parallel boreholes. Geologist's compressed method for finding the apparent dip when: the true dip and strike are known. Cuts and fills. Terms used in cuts and fills.
Definitions. Basic vector principles. Resultant of concurrent coplanar vectors. Resultant of non-concurrent coplanar vectors. Resultant of concurrent non-coplanar vectors. Resolution of a vector into two coplanar components. Resolution of a vector into three concurrent non-coplanar components.

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