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abstract algebra 2e, pierre antoine grillet [pdf]

Abstract Algebra (2nd Edition) by Pierre Antoine Grillet

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About this book :-
Abstract Algebra (2nd Edition) written by Pierre Antoine Grillet .
The text is geared to the needs of the beginning graduate student, covering with complete, well-written proofs the usual major branches of groups, rings, fields, and modules...[n]one of the material one expects in a book like this is missing, and the level of detail is appropriate for its intended audience. (Alberto Delgado, MathSciNet)"This text promotes the conceptual understanding of algebra as a whole, and that with great methodological mastery. Although the presentation is predominantly nevertheless features a careful selection of important examples, together with a remarkably detailed and strategically skillful elaboration of the more sophisticated, abstract theories. (Werner Kleinert, Zentralblatt)For the new edition, the author has completely rewritten the text, reorganized many of the sections, and even cut or shortened material which is no longer essential. He has added a chapter on Ext and Tor, as well as a bit of topology. "Abstract Algebra" is a clearly written, self-contained basic algebra text for graduate students, with a generous amount of additional material that suggests the scope of contemporary algebra. The first chapters blend standard contents with a careful introduction to proofs with arrows. The last chapters, on universal algebras and categories, including tripleability, give valuable general views of algebra. There are over 1400 exercises, at varying degrees of difficulty.

Book Detail :-
Title: Abstract Algebra
Edition: Second Edition
Author(s): Pierre Antoine Grillet
Pages: 685
Type: PDF
Language: Englsih
Country: US
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About Author :-
The author Pierre Antoine Grillet , Dept. Mathematics, Tulane University, USA,

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Book Contents :-
Abstract Algebra (2nd Edition) written by Pierre Antoine Grillet . cover the following topics.
Part-I Groups
1. Semigroups
2. Groups
3. Subgroups
4. Homomorphisms
5. The Isomorphism Theorems
6. Free Groups
*8. Free Products
Part-II Structure of Groups
1. Direct Products
*2. The Krull-Schmidt Theorem
3. Group Actions
4. Symmetric Groups
5. The Sylow Theorems
6. Small Groups
7. Composition Series
*8. The General Linear Group
9. Solvable Groups
*10. Nilpotent Groups
*11. Semidirect Products
*12. Group Extensions
Part-III Rings
1. Rings
2. Subrings and Ideals
3. Homomorphisms
4. Domains and Fields
5. Polynomials in One Variable
6. Polynomials in Several Variables
*7. Formal Power Series
8. Principal Ideal Domains
*9. Rational Fractions
10. Unique Factorization Domains
11. Noetherian Rings
12. Gr¨obner Bases
Part-IV Field Extensions
1. Fields
2. Extensions
3. Algebraic Extensions
4. The Algebraic Closure
5. Separable Extensions
6. Purely Inseparable Extensions
7. Resultants and Discriminants
8. Transcendental Extensions
9. Separability
Part-V Galois Theory
1. Splitting Fields
2. Normal Extensions
3. Galois Extensions
4. Infinite Galois Extensions
5. Polynomials
6. Cyclotomy
7. Norm and Trace
8. Solvability by Radicals
9. Geometric Constructions
Part-VI Fields with Orders or Valuations
1. Ordered Fields
2. Real Fields
3. Absolute Values
4. Completions
5. Extensions
6. Valuations
7. Extending Valuations
8. Hensel’s Lemma
9. Filtrations and Completions
Part-VII Commutative Rings
1. Primary Decomposition
2. Ring Extensions
3. Integral Extensions
4. Localization
5. Dedekind Domains
6. Algebraic Integers
7. Galois Groups
8. Minimal Prime Ideals
9. Krull Dimension
10. Algebraic Sets
11. Regular Mappings
Part-VIII Modules
1. Definition
2. Homomorphisms
3. Direct Sums and Products
4. Free Modules
5. Vector Spaces
6. Modules over Principal Ideal Domains
7. Jordan Form ofMatrices
8. Chain Conditions
9. Gr¨obner Bases
Part-IX Semisimple Rings And Modules
1. Simple Rings and Modules
2. Semisimple Modules
3. The Artin-Wedderburn Theorem
4. Primitive Rings
5. The Jacobson Radical
6. Artinian Rings
7. Representations of Groups
8. Characters
9. Complex Characters
Part-X Projectives and Injectives
1. Exact Sequences
2. Pullbacks and Pushouts
3. Projective Modules
4. Injective Modules
5. The Injective Hull
6. Hereditary Rings
Part-XI Constructions
1. Groups of Homomorphisms
2. Properties of Hom
3. Direct Limits
4. Inverse Limits
5. Tensor Products
6. Properties of Tensor Products
7. Dual Modules
8. Flat Modules
9. Completions
Part-XII Ext and Tor
1. Complexes
2. Resolutions
3. Derived Functors
4. Ext
5. Tor
6. Universal Coefficient Theorems
7. Cohomology of Groups
8. Projective Dimension
9. Global Dimension
Part-XIII Algebras
1. Algebras over a Ring
2. The Tensor Algebra
3. The Symmetric Algebra
4. The Exterior Algebra
5. Tensor Products of Algebras
6. Tensor Products of Fields
7. Simple Algebras over a Field
Part-XIV Lattices
1. Definitions
2. Complete Lattices
3. Modular Lattices
4. Distributive Lattices
5. Boolean Lattices
Part-XV Universal Algebra
1. Universal Algebras
2. Word Algebras
3. Varieties
4. Subdirect Products
Part-XVI Categories
1. Definition and Examples
2. Functors
3. Limits and Colimits
4. Completeness
*5. Additive Categories
6. Adjoint Functors
7. The Adjoint Functor Theorem
8. Triples
9. Tripleability
10. Varieties
1. Chain Conditions
2. The Axiom of Choice
3. Ordinal Numbers
4. Ordinal Induction
5. Cardinal Numbers
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