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dictionary of the physical sciences cesare emiliani [pdf] MathSchool

Dictionary of the Physical by Cesare Emiliani

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Dictionary of the Physical written by Cesare Emiliani , University of Miami. This dictionary consists of text and tables. All areas that are fundamental to understanding our physical world, and life within it, are covered. Included are physics (classical, relativistic, quantum, particle, high-energy); chemistry (inorganic, organic, physical); the geological sciences (geology, geophysics, oceanography, meteorology, paleontology, and related areas of molecular, genetic, and evolutionary biology); and cosmology (which includes astronomy, astrophysics, and the genesis and evolution of the universe). The text includes not only definitions, but also explanations, formulas, and data. Entries best presented in tabular form are found in the Tables section. Any unfamiliar term appearing in the text or the Tables is defined and explained in the text. Acronyms and abbreviations are spelled out, but their definition and additional material, if necessary, will be found under the full term. All entries in the text as well as all headings of the Tables are in strict alphabetical order, without regard to spaces, punctuations, or numbers appearing as part of an entry or heading. Greek letters are placed at the appropriate locations within the corresponding Latin alphabet. In case of a tie {a, a), precedence is given to the Greek letter. All quantities in both text and tables are given to the last significant, most recent figure.

Dictionary of the Physical written by Cesare Emiliani cover the following topics.

  • Adenosine phosphates
    Amino acids,
    Atmosphere: gases, mean free path, particle speeds as functions of altitude,
    Atmosphere: thermal structure to 120 km,
    Atmosphere: thermal structure to 1000 km,
    Bases of nucleic acids,
    Binding energy curve,
    Blackbody radiation,
    Bowen reaction series,
    Bravais lattices,
    Carbon: phase diagram,
    Cerenkov angle,
    Chelates: important to living systems,
    Concordia diagram,
    Conic sections,
    Coordinate systems,
    Cosmic rays,
    Cytochrome c,
    DNA segment,
    Double helix segment,
    Elements—abundances in the solar system.
    Energy levels of H atom,
    Equation of time,
    Field theories,
    Genetic code,
    Hertzprung-Russell diagram
    Hypsographic curve,
    Ice: phase diagram,
    Igneous rocks,
    Ionization energy of elements (first only),
    Iron: phase diagram,
    Isotope chart,
    Kamacite and taenite: phase diagram,
    Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution of molecular speeds,
    Microwave background radiation,
    Naphthalene double-ring structure.
    Novae light curves,
    Nucleic acids,
    Periodic table of the elements,
    Plate tectonics,
    Polarity time scale,
    Polypeptide chain,
    Radiation balance,
    RNA segment,
    Silica: phase diagram,
    Silicates: structure,
    Solar spectrum,
    Stars: mass-luminosity relation,
    Star chart.
    Sulfur: phase diagram,
    Sujjernovae light curves,
    Tropics: latitudes,
    Water molecule: electron density,
    Water: phase diagram,
    World lines,
    Sea water—major ions,
    metamorphic rocks,
    and rocks,
    Stars—visual magnitude > 1.5,
    Sedimentary rocks—average mineral Symbols and abbreviations,
    Sediments and derived sedimentary and Taxonomy,
    Seismic waves—velocities in sediments Units,
    Units—symbols and dimensions,
    Seismic waves—velocity as a function of pressure,
    Water density,
    Sound velocities,
    Stars—energy production,
    Water—physical properties,
    Water—world reservoirs,

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