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astrophysical formulae: space time matter cosmology k r lang [pdf]

Astrophysical Formulae Volume II: (3rd Edition) Space, Time, Matter and Cosmology by K. R. Lang
(Third Enlarged and Revised Edition With 41 Figures and 22 Tables)

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Astrophysical Formulae Volume II: Space, Time, Matter and Cosmology written by Donald H. Menzel , Tufts University, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Robinson Hall, Medford, MA 02155, USA. This book is meant to be a reference source for the fundamental formulae of astrophysics. Wherever possible, the original source of the material being presented is referenced, together with references to more recent modifications and applications. More accessible reprints and translations of the early papers are also referenced. In this way the reader is provided with the often ignored historical context together with an orientation to the more recent literature. Any omission of a reference is, of course, not meant to reflect on the quality of its contents. In order to present a wide variety of concepts in one volume, a concise style is used and derivations are presented for only the simpler formulae. Extensive derivations and explanatory comments may be found in the original references or in the books listed in the selected bibliography which follows. Following the convention in astrophysics, the c.g.s (centimeter-gramsecond) system of units is used unless otherwise noted. To conserve space, the fundamental constants are not always defined, and unless otherwise noted they have the meaning and value given in the tables of physical constants and astrophysical constants provided at the beginning and end of this book. A substantial fraction of this book was completed during two summers as a visiting fellow at the Institute of Theoretical Astronomy, Cambridge, and I am especially grateful for the hospitality and courtesy which the members of the Institute have shown me. I am also indebted to the California Institute of Technology for the freedom to complete this book. The staff of the scientific periodicals library of the Cambridge Philosophical Society and the library of the Hale observatories are especially thanked for their aid in supplying and checking references.

Astrophysical Formulae Volume II: Space, Time, Matter and Cosmology written by Donald H. Menzel cover the following topics.

  • 1. Continuum Radiation
    2. Monochromatic (Line) Radiation
    3. Gas Processes
    4. High Energy Astrophysics
    5. Space, Time, Matter and Cosmology

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