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research methods in biomechanics, 2e gordon robertson [pdf]

Research Methods in Biomechanics (2E) by Gordon Robertson

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About this book :-
Research Methods in Biomechanics (2E) Gordon Robertson.
Research Methods in Biomechanics, Second Edition, demonstrates the range of available research techniques and how to best apply this knowledge to ensure valid data collection. In the highly technical field of biomechanics, research methods are frequently upgraded as the speed and sophistication of software and hardware technologies increase. With this in mind, the second edition includes up-to-date research methods and presents new information detailing advanced analytical tools for investigating human movement.
Expanded into 14 chapters and reorganized into four parts, the improved second edition features more than 100 new pieces of art and illustrations and new chapters introducing the latest techniques and up-and-coming areas of research. Also included is access to biomechanics research software designed by C-Motion, Visual3D Educational Edition, which allows users to explore the full range of modeling capabilities of the professional Visual3D software in sample data files as well as display visualizations for other data sets. Additional enhancements in this edition include - Special features called From the Scientific Literature highlight the ways in which biomechanical research techniques have been used in both classic and cutting-edge studies. - An overview, summary, and list of suggested readings in each chapter guide students and researchers through the content and on to further study. - Sample problems appear in select chapters, and answers are provided at the end of the text. - Appendixes contain mathematical and technical references and additional.

Book Detail :-
Title: Research Methods in Biomechanics
Edition: 2nd
Author(s): Gordon Robertson
Publisher: Human Kinetics
Year: 2013
Pages: 440
Type: PDF
Language: English
ISBN: 0736093400,9780736093408
Country: Canada
About Author :-
The author Gordon E. Robertson
, PhD, an emeritus professor and a fellow of the Canadian Society for Biomechanics, wrote Introduction to Biomechanics for Human Motion Analysis. He taught undergraduate and graduate level biomechanics at the University of Ottawa and previously at the University of British Columbia, Canada. He conducts research on human locomotion and athletic activities and authors the analogue data analysis software BioProc3.

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Book Contents :-
Research Methods in Biomechanics (2E) Gordon Robertson cover the following topics.
Introduction Biomechanics Analysis Techniques: A Primer
What Tools Are Needed in Biomechanics?
Applications of the Principles of Biomechanics: An Example
Numerical Accuracy and Significant Digits
1. Planar Kinematics
2. Three-Dimensional Kinematics
3. Body Segment Parameters
4. Forces and Their Measurement
5. Two-Dimensional Inverse Dynamics
6. Energy, Work, and Power
7. Three-Dimensional Kinetics
8. Electromyographic Kinesiology
9. Muscle Modeling
10. Computer Simulation of Human Movement
11. Musculoskeletal Modeling
12. Signal Processing
13. Dynamical Systems Analysis of Coordination
14. Analysis of Biomechanical Waveform Data
Appendix A: International System of Units (Système International, SI)
Appendix B: Selected Factors for Converting Between Units of Measure
Appendix C: Basic Electronics
Appendix D: Vectors and Scalars
Appendix E: Matrices and Matrix Operations
Appendix F: Numerical Integration of Double Pendulum Equations
Appendix G: Derivation of Double Pendulum Equations
Appendix H: Discrete Fourier Transform Subroutine
Appendix I: Shannon’s Reconstruction Subroutine
Example Answers
About the Authors
Additional Contributors


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