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The Joy of Discovery by Walter E. Thirring

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About this book :-
The Joy of Discovery written by Walter Thirring .
The 20th century was both a horrible as well as wonderful time. After the insanity of the Nazi dictatorship, the voice of reason prevailed and presented Central Europe with the longest period of peace in its history. As soon as the human spirit has the opportunity to grow and develop, it will begin to notice the secrets of the world we live in. It will hone its perception so that it can break down matter in an interplay of exactly balanced parts and let the firmament become a horde of escaping galaxies. It uses all of this knowledge to improve itself and its abilities until they reach immeasurable heights. And this not only in the material sense where everything is constantly getting bigger and faster, but also with regard to intellectual questions. The human spirit developed ways to conduct calculations in fractions of a second which would ordinarily take decades, and can store the information found in entire libraries on chips the size of a trouser button. It is well on its way to deciphering the secrets of life itself, and before we know it the species homo sapiens will have undergone a metamorphosis.
(Walter Thirring)

Book Detail :-
Title: The Joy of Discovery
Author(s): Walter Thirring
Publisher: World Scientific
Year: 2011
Pages: 207
Type: PDF
Language: English
ISBN: 9789814322973,9814322970
Country: Austrian
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About Author :-
The author Walter Thirring (1927–2014) was born in Vienna, Austria, where he earned his Doctor of Physics degree in 1949 at the age of 22. In 1959 he became a professor of theoretical physics at the University of Vienna, and from 1968 to 1971 he was head of the Theory Division and director at CERN.
Besides pioneering work in quantum field theory, Walter Thirring devoted his scientific life to mathematical physics. He is the author of one of the first textbooks on quantum electrodynamics as well as of a four-volume course in mathematical physics.
Walter Thirring authored Cosmic Impressions, Templeton Press, Philadelphia and London, in 2007, and in that book he sums up his feelings about the scientific discoveries made by modern cosmology:

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Book Contents :-
The Joy of Discovery written by Walter Thirring cover the following topics. '
Family Background/Childhood (1927–1938)
Stolen Youth (1938–1945)
Training and Education (1945–1959)
Master Years (1959 and After)
Return to Vienna (1971)
What has Scientific Research Achieved?
Picture Credits
Index of Names
Subject Index


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