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Pairing Scheme 2020 1st Year

Just like model papers and guess papers the Pairing Scheme or Assessment Scheme for 10th Class is also very important for all of the students. By studying this Pairing Schemes you will be able to understand that how paper is come in front you when you sit in the examination hall. This is the best way to understand the paper pattern of any class and any subject because almost fifty percent of success in the final examinations is about exam technique.
Let us suppose that you are in the examination hall to appear for any subject and one topic that you left in you preparation thinking to leave this topic on choice. But when you see the question paper questions are from that topic that you left then what happen . To provide help in that situation there are the Pairing Scheme for each subject as these Pairing Scheme explain that which topic or chapter is how much important to get highly marks in any subject. So this is the best time to understand the Pairing Scheme, Assessment Scheme, Paper pattern.
By studying this Pairing Scheme student will be understand how many parts a paper have. How MCQS, Short and long question will come in paper. It also helps you to understand that how many questions are coming in examinations and from which chapters. It also tells us what the total marks of paper are. How marks distributed in different portions of paper and questions. How different chapter combine in a question or portion of a paper. You will also understand chapter wise worth of your books in this Pairing Scheme. It also helps to understand that which chapter is linked with which chapter for subjective questions, objective questions and MCQs.

Pairing Scheme 2020 1st Year all subject

This pairing scheme is for all subjects either they are science subjects or arts subjects. No matters you are looking for the compulsory subjects or optional subjects, you can simply download it from this page. Board of Intermediate and secondary education BISE Pairing Schemes 2020 1st Year all the Punjab boards (Lahore, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Multan, Rawalpindi, Sahiwal, Sargodha, Bahawalpur, DG Khan). can easily download from this page.

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