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Matrix (Worksheets)

Math worksheets are the important tool for learning mathmatices. The warksheets are specially design for age and grade level. They develop the math skills and awareness. Better way of practise math.

You can check all the given worksheet with complete solution. You can study online, download and print PDF files. Teachers can use our math worksheets in the class rooms and can give the students a better practise.

  • Exercise 1.1 | View Online PDF | Download PDF
  • Matrix, Order of Matrix
    Equal Matrix

  • Exercise 1.2 | View Online PDF | Download PDF
  • Row matrix, Column Matrix
    Square matrix, Rectangular Matrix
    Null or Zero matrix, Scalar Matrix, Identity Matrix, Diagonal Matrix

  • Exercise 1.3 | View Online PDF | Download PDF
  • Negative Matrix
    Addition of matrices
    Transpose of a matrix
    Symmetric Matrix, Skew Symmetric Matrix

  • Exercise 1.4 | View Online PDF | Download PDF
  • Multiplication of matrices

  • Exercise 1.5 | View Online PDF | Download PDF
  • Determinent
    Singular Matrix and Non singular Matrix
    Adjoint of a matrix.
    Multiplicative Inverse of matrix

  • Exercise 1.6 | View Online PDF | Download PDF
  • Matrix Inverse Method
    Cramer's rule of matrix