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What is the value of e^-1...?



This is very simple. Before starting it we should remember the value of e? Value of e is 2.72. Whicih proved in an other place.

Value of e
We know that e = 2.72 (approximately)


= ---
= ----     

= 0.3678 (approximate)   
Therefore approximate value of e   is 0.3678. 

Similarly you can find the value of e^2, e^3, e^3, e^4... so on. In all cases you have to quoted the answer to three decimal places.

You can also check and evaluate negative and fractional powers of "e" such as e^(1/2) = 1.649 and e^-2 = 0.135

By using scientific calculator you can find the values of e's power more easily and accurate. To do this you can look for a button marked e^x on your scientific calculator.


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