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Integral Equations F. G. Tricomi [pdf]

Integral Equations by F. G. Tricomi

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Integral Equations written by Francesco Giacomo Tricomi , Turin, Italy. This concise and classic volume presents the main results of integral equation theory as consequences of the theory of operators on Banach and Hilbert spaces. In addition, it offers a brief account of Fredholm's original approach. The self-contained treatment requires only some familiarity with elementary real variable theory, including the elements of Lebesgue integration, and is suitable for advanced undergraduates and graduate students of mathematics. Other material discusses applications to second order linear differential equations, and a final chapter uses Fourier integral techniques to investigate certain singular integral equations of interest for physical applications as well as for their own sake. A helpful index concludes the text. This book is meant to be modren textook on integral equations for graduate students, applied mathematians and so on. For this reason, the author of this book has to attempted to keep the mathematical knowledge required and integral calculus and som theory of fucntions is sufficient. The book is consist four chapters, each divided into many sections and two appendices. The formulae are numbered progressively within each section or Appendix and are quoted in the same section with their numbers only.

Title: Integral Equations
Author(s): Francesco Giacomo Tricomi
Publisher: Dover Publications
Year: 1985
Pages: 258
Type: PDF
Language: English
ISBN: 0486648281
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Integral Equations written by F. G. Tricomi cover the following topics.
1. Volterra Equations
2. Fredholm Equations
3. Symmetric Kernels and Orthogonal Systems of Functions
4. Some Type of Singular and Non Linear Integral Equations
Appendix I. Algebraic Systems of Linear Equations
Appendix II. Hadamard's Theorem

The author Francesco Giacomo Tricomi was an Italian mathematician famous for his studies on partial differential equations. He was also the author of his famous book on integral equations.
Francesco Giacomo Tricomi was born in Naples, Italy. He graduated at the University of Naples in 1918 and later was assistant to Francesco Severi, first in Padua and then in Rome. Later he was professor at Turin, called by Giuseppe Peano, a position he held until his retirement in 1967.

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