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Harmonic Analysis and Applications by Christopher Heil

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About this book :-
Harmonic Analysis and Applications written by Christopher Heil
This volume celebrates the work of John Joseph Benedetto. Mathematician, mentor, father, friend—John has had a profound influence not only on the direction of harmonic analysis and its applications, but also on the entire community of people involved in these endeavors. This volume collects articles from coauthors, students, and colleagues of John, representative of some of the major areas that John has contributed to, including harmonic analysis, frame theory, time-frequency analysis, wavelet theory, and sampling theory and shift-invariant spaces. In recognition of John’s own high standards of mathematical exposition, and in order to create a volume of lasting utility, many of the articles in this volume include introductions to or surveys of their representative research directions.
As is clearly illustrated in Hans Feichtinger’s foreword to this volume, John’s work has covered an enormous breadth of areas, and space limitations have required us to concentrate on the few representative themes mentioned above. Of course, this separation into parts is inherently artificial, as all these directions interrelate in many ways—they are each simply different facets of the vast field that we call harmonic analysis.
(Christopher Heil)

Book Detail :-
Title: Harmonic Analysis and Applications
Author(s): Christopher Heil
Publisher: Birkhäuser Boston
Series: Applied and Numerical Harmonic Analysis
Year: 2006
Pages: 389
Type: PDF
Language: English
ISBN: 0817637788,9780817637781
Country: US
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About Author :-
Author Christopher Heil is from Georgia Institute of Technology since 1993. His teaches calculus, linear algebra, analysis, and abstract algebra. He is an experienced author, teacher and served as a consultant on the previous edition of this text. He is researcher in harmonic analysis, including time-frequency analysis, wavelets, and operator theory.

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Book Contents :-
Harmonic Analysis and Applications written by Christopher Heil cover the following topics.
The Benedetto Mathematical Family Tree
Publications of John J. Benedetto
Part-I Harmonic Analysis
1. The Gibbs Phenomenon in Higher Dimensions by George Benke
2. Weighted Sobolev Inequalities for Gradients by Hans P. Heinig
3. Semidiscrete Multipliers by Georg Zimmermann
Part-II Frame Theory
4. A Physical Interpretation of Tight Frames by Peter G. Casazza, Matthew Fickus, Jelena Kovaˇcevi´c, Manuel T. Leon, Janet C. Tremain
Part-III Time-Frequency Analysis
5. Recent Developments in the Balian–Low Theorem by Wojciech Czaja, Alexander M. Powell
6. Some Problems Related to the Distributional Zak Transform by Jean-Pierre Gabardo
7. Gabor Duality Characterizations by Eric Hayashi, Shidong Li, Tracy Sorrells
8. A Pedestrian’s Approach to Pseudodifferential Operators by Karlheinz Gr¨ochenig
9. Linear Independence of Finite Gabor Systems by Christopher Heil
Part-IV Wavelet Theory
10. Explicit Cross-Sections of Singly Generated Group Actions by David Larson, Eckart Schulz, Darrin Speegle, Keith F. Taylor
11. The Theory of Wavelets with Composite Dilations by Kanghui Guo, Demetrio Labate, Wang–Q Lim, Guido Weiss, Edward Wilson
Part-V Sampling Theory and Shift-Invariant Spaces
12. Periodic Nonuniform Sampling in Shift-Invariant Spaces by Jeffrey A. Hogan, Joseph D. Lakey
13. Sampling on Unions of Shifted Lattices in One Dimension by Bjarte Rom, David Walnut
14. Learning the Right Model from the Data by Akram Aldroubi, Carlos Cabrelli, Ursula Molter
15. Redundancy in the Frequency Domain by Lawrence Baggett
16. Density Results for Frames of Exponentials by Peter G. Casazza, Ole Christensen, Shidong Li, Alexander Lindner


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