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applied analysis, john hunter, bruno nachtergaele [pdf]

Applied Analysis by John K. Hunter and Bruno Nachtergaele

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Applied Analysis written by John K. Hunter and Bruno Nachtergaele , Department of Mathematics University of California at Davis. ™The aim of this book is to supply an introduction for beginning graduate students to those parts of analysis that are most useful in applications. The material is selected for its use in applied problems and is presented as clearly and simply as we are able, but without the sacrifice of mathematical rigor.

Applied Analysis written by John K. Hunter and Bruno Nachtergaele cover the following topics.

  • 1. Metric and Normed Spaces
    2. continuous Functions
    3. The Contreaction Mapping Theorem
    4. Topological Spaces
    5. Banach Spaces
    6. Hilbert Spaces
    7. Fourier Series
    8. Bounded Linear Operators on a Hilbert space
    9. The Spectrum of Bounded Linear Operators
    10. Linear Differential Operations and Green's Functions
    11. Distributions and the Fourier Transform
    12. Measure Theory and Function Spaces
    13. Differential Calculus and Variational Methods

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