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contemporary abstract algebra 8th edition joseph gallian [pdf]

Abstract Algebra by Joseph A. Gallian https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Gallian Joseph Gallian, better known by the Family name Joseph A. Gallian, is a popular Mathematician. he was born on January 5, 1942, in Pennsylvania. is a beautiful and populous city located in Pennsylvania United States of America. Joseph A. Gallian entered the career as Mathematician In his early life after completing his formal education

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Abstract Algebra written by Joseph A. Gallian, University of Minnesota Duluth. This book include 120 new exercises, new theorems and examples, and a freshening of the quotations and biographies. I have also expanded the supplemental material for abstract algebra available at my website. Extensive coverage of groups, rings, and fields, plus a variety of non-traditional special topics.

Abstract Algebra written by Joseph A. Gallian cover the following topics.

  • PART 1 Integers and Equivalence Relations

  • 0. Preliminaries
    Properties of Integers, Modular Arithmetic, Complex Numbers, Mathematical Induction, Equivalence Relations, Functions (Mappings)

  • PART 2 Groups
  • 1. Introduction to Groups
    Symmetries of a Square, The Dihedral Groups, Exercises, Biography of Niels Abel

  • 2. Groups
    Definition and Examples of Groups, Elementary, Properties of Groups, Historical Note, Exercises

  • 3. Finite Groups; Subgroups
    Terminology and Notation, Subgroup Tests, Examples of Subgroups, Exercises

  • 4. Cyclic Groups
    Properties of Cyclic Groups, Classification of Subgroups of Cyclic Groups, Exercises, Biography of James Joseph Sylvester, Supplementary Exercises for Chapters 1–4

  • 5. Permutation Groups
    Definition and Notation, Cycle Notation, Properties of Permutations, A Check-Digit Scheme Based on D5, Exercises, Biography of Augustin Cauchy

  • 6. Isomorphisms
    Motivation, Definition and Examples, Cayley’s Theorem, Properties of Isomorphisms, Automorphisms, Exercises, Biography of Arthur Cayley

  • 7. Cosets and Lagrange’s Theorem
    Properties of Cosets, Lagrange’s Theorem and Consequences, An Application of Cosets to Permutation Groups, The Rotation Group of a Cube and a Soccer Ball, An Application of Cosets to the Rubik’s Cube, Exercises, Biography of Joseph Lagrange

  • 8. External Direct Products
    Definition and Examples, Properties of External Direct Products, The Group of Units Modulo n as an External Direct Product, Applications, Exercises, Biography of Leonard Adleman, Supplementary Exercises for Chapters 5–8

  • 9. Normal Subgroups and Factor Groups
    Normal Subgroups, Factor Groups, Applications of Factor Groups, Internal Direct Products, Exercises, Biography of Évariste Galois

  • 10. Group Homomorphisms
    Definition and Examples, Properties of Homomorphisms, The First Isomorphism Theorem, Exercises, Biography of Camille Jordan

  • 11. Fundamental Theorem of Finite Abelian Groups
    The Fundamental Theorem, The Isomorphism Classes of Abelian Groups, Proof of the Fundamental Theorem, Exercises, Supplementary Exercises for Chapters 9–11

  • PART 3 Rings
  • 12. Introduction to Rings
    Motivation and Definition, Examples of Rings, Properties of Rings, Subrings, Exercises, Biography of I. N. Herstein

  • 13. Integral Domains
    Definition and Examples, Fields, Characteristic of a Ring, Exercises, Biography of Nathan Jacobson

  • 14. Ideals and Factor Rings
    Ideals, Factor Rings, Prime Ideals and Maximal Ideals, Exercises, Biography of Richard Dedekind, Biography of Emmy Noether, Supplementary Exercises for Chapters 12–14

  • 15. Ring Homomorphisms
    Definition and Examples, Properties of Ring Homomorphisms, The Field of Quotients, Exercises

  • 16. Polynomial Rings
    Notation and Terminology, The Division Algorithm and Consequences, Exercises, Biography of Saunders Mac Lane

  • 17. Factorization of Polynomials
    Reducibility Tests Irreducibility Tests Unique Factorization in Z[x], Weird Dice: An Application of Unique Factorization, Exercises, Biography of Serge Lang

  • 18. Divisibility in Integral Domains
    Irreducibles, Primes, Historical Discussion of Fermat’s Last Theorem, Unique Factorization Domains, Euclidean Domains, Exercises, Biography of Sophie Germain, Biography of Andrew Wiles, Supplementary Exercises for Chapters 15–18

  • PART 4 Fields
  • 19. Vector Spaces
    Definition and Examples, Subspaces, Linear Independence, Exercises, Biography of Emil Artin, Biography of Olga Taussky-Todd

  • 20. Extension Fields
    The Fundamental Theorem of Field Theory, Splitting Fields, Zeros of an Irreducible Polynomial, Exercises, Biography of Leopold Kronecker

  • 21. Algebraic Extensions
    Characterization of Extensions, Finite Extensions, Properties of Algebraic Extensions, Exercises, Biography of Irving Kaplansky

  • 22. Finite Fields
    Classification of Finite Fields, Structure of Finite Fields, Subfields of a Finite Field, Exercises, Biography of L. E. Dickson

  • 23. Geometric Constructions
    Historical Discussion of Geometric Constructions, Constructible Numbers, Angle-Trisectors and Circle-Squarers, Exercises, Supplementary Exercises for Chapters 19–23

  • PART 5 Special Topics
  • 24. Sylow Theorems
    Conjugacy Classes, The Class Equation, The Probability That Two Elements Commute, The Sylow Theorems, Applications of Sylow Theorems, Exercises, Biography of Ludwig Sylow

  • 25. Finite Simple Groups
    Historical Background, Nonsimplicity Tests, The Simplicity of A5, The Fields Medal, The Cole Prize, Exercises, Biography of Michael Aschbacher, Biography of Daniel Gorenstein, Biography of John Thompson

  • 26. Generators and Relations
    Motivation, Definitions and Notation, Free Group, Generators and Relations, Classification of Groups of Order Up to 15, Characterization of Dihedral Groups, Realizing the Dihedral Groups with Mirrors, Exercises, Biography of Marshall Hall, Jr.

  • 27. Symmetry Groups
    Isometries, Classification of Finite Plane Symmetry Groups, Classification of Finite Groups of Rotations in R3, Exercises

  • 28. Frieze Groups and Crystallographic Groups
    The Frieze Groups, The Crystallographic Groups, Identification of Plane Periodic Patterns, Exercises, Biography of M. C. Escher, Biography of George Pólya, Biography of John H. Conway

  • 29. Symmetry and Counting
    Motivation, Burnside’s Theorem, Applications, Group Action, Exercises, Biography of William Burnside

  • 30. Cayley Digraphs of Groups
    Motivation, The Cayley Digraph of a Group, Hamiltonian Circuits and Paths, Some Applications, Exercises, Biography of William Rowan Hamilton, Biography of Paul Erdó´s

  • 31. Introduction to Algebraic Coding Theory
    Motivation, Linear Codes, Parity-Check Matrix Decoding, Coset Decoding, Historical Note: The Ubiquitous Reed–Solomon Codes, Exercises, Biography of Jessie MacWilliams, Biography of Richard W. Hamming, Biography of Jessie MacWilliams, Biography of Vera Pless

  • 32. An Introduction to Galois Theory
    Fundamental Theorem of Galois Theory, Solvability of Polynomials by Radicals, Insolvability of a Quintic, Exercises, Biography of Philip Hall

  • 33. Cyclotomic Extensions
    Motivation, Cyclotomic Polynomials, The Constructible Regular n-gons, Exercises, Biography of Carl Friedrich Gauss, Biography of Manjul Bhargava, Supplementary Exercises for Chapters 24–33

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