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a book of abstract algebra 2nd edition charles pinter [pdf]

A Book of Abstract Algebra (Second Edition) by Charles C. Pinter

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A Book of Abstract Algebra (Second Edition) written by Charles C. Pinter, Professor of Mathematics, Bucknell University. This book addresses itself especially to the average student, to enable him or her to learn and understand as much algebra as possible. In scope and subject-matter coverage, it is no different from many other standard texts. It begins with the promise of demonstrating the unsolvability of the quintic and ends with that promise fulfilled. Standard topics are discussed in their usual order, and many advanced and peripheral subjects are introduced in the exercises, accompanied by ample instruction and commentary.
The first few exercise sets in each chapter contain problems which are essentially computational or manipulative. Then, there are two or three sets of simple proof-type questions, which require mainly the ability to put together definitions and results with understanding of their meaning. After that, I have endeavored to make the exercises more interesting by arranging them so that in each set a new result is proved, or new light is shed on the subject of the chapter.
As a rule, all the exercises have the same weight: very simple exercises are grouped together as parts of a single problem, and conversely, problems which require a complex argument are broken into several subproblems which the student may tackle in turn. I have selected mainly problems which have intrinsic relevance, and are not merely drill, on the premise that this is much more satisfying to the student.

A Book of Abstract Algebra (Second Edition) written by Charles C. Pinter cover the following topics.

  • 1. Why Abstract Algebra?
    History of Algebra.
    New Algebras.
    Algebraic Structures.
    Axioms and Axiomatic Algebra.
    Abstraction in Algebra.

  • 2. Operations
    Operations on a Set.
    Properties of Operations.

  • 3. The Definition of Groups
    Examples of Infinite and Finite Groups.
    Examples of Abelian and Nonabelian Groups.
    Group Tables.
    Theory of Coding: Maximum-Likelihood Decoding.

  • 4. Elementary Properties of Groups
    Uniqueness of Identity and Inverses.
    Properties of Inverses.
    Direct Product of Groups.

  • 5. Subgroups
    Definition of Subgroup.
    Generators and Defining Relations.
    Cay ley Diagrams.
    Center of a Group.
    Group Codes; Hamming Code.

  • 6. Functions
    Injective, Surjective, Bijective Function.
    Composite and Inverse of Functions.
    Finite-State Machines.
    Automata and Their Semigroups.

  • 7. Groups of Permutations
    Symmetric Groups.
    Dihedral Groups.
    An Application of Groups to Anthropology.

  • 8. Permutations of a Finite Set
    Decomposition of Permutations into Cycles.
    Even and Odd Permutations.
    Alternating Groups.

  • 9. Isomorphism
    The Concept of Isomorphism in Mathematics.
    Isomorphic and Nonisomorphic Groups.
    Cayley’s Theorem.
    Group Automorphisms.

  • 10. Order of Group Elements
    Powers/Multiples of Group Elements.
    Laws of Exponents.
    Properties of the Order of Group Elements.

  • 11. Cyclic Groups
    Finite and Infinite Cyclic Groups.
    Isomorphism of Cyclic Groups.
    Subgroups of Cyclic Groups.

  • 12. Partitions and Equivalence Relations

  • 13. Counting Cosets
    Lagrange’s Theorem and Elementary Consequences.
    Survey of Groups of Order = 10.
    Number of Conjugate Elements.
    Group Acting on a Set.

  • 14. Homomorphisms
    Elementary Properties of Homomorphisms.
    Normal Subgroups.
    Kernel and Range.
    Inner Direct Products.
    Conjugate Subgroups.

  • 15. Quotient Groups
    Quotient Group Construction.
    Examples and Applications.
    The Class Equation.
    Induction on the Order of a Group.

  • 16. The Fundamental Homomorphism Theorem
    Fundamental Homomorphism Theorem and Some Consequences.
    The Isomorphism Theorems.
    The Correspondence Theorem.
    Cauchy’s Theorem.
    Sylow Subgroups.
    Sylow’s Theorem.
    Decomposition Theorem for Finite Abelian Groups.

  • 17. Rings: Definitions and Elementary Properties
    Commutative Rings.
    Invertibles and ZeroDivisors.
    Integral Domain. Field.

  • 18. Ideals and Homomorphisms

  • 19. Quotient Rings
    Construction of Quotient Rings. Examples.
    Fundamental Homomorphism Theorem and Some Consequences.
    Properties of Prime and Maximal

  • 20. Integral Domains
    Characteristic of an Integral Domain.
    Properties of the Characteristic.
    Finite Fields.
    Construction of the Field of Quotients.

  • 21. The Integers
    Ordered Integral Domains.
    Characterization of Up to Isomorphism.
    Mathematical Induction.
    Division Algorithm.

  • 22. Factoring into Primes
    Ideals of . Properties of the GCD.
    Relatively Prime Integers.
    Primes. Euclid’s Lemma.
    Unique Factorization.

  • 23. Elements of Number Theory (Optional)
    Properties of Congruence.
    Theorems of Fermât and Euler.
    Solutions of Linear Congruences.
    Chinese Remainder Theorem.
    Wilson’s Theorem and Consequences.
    Quadratic Residues.
    The Legendre Symbol.
    Primitive Roots.

  • 24. Rings of Polynomials
    Motivation and Definitions.
    Domain of Polynomials over a Field.
    Division Algorithm.
    Polynomials in Several Variables.
    Fields of Polynomial Quotients.

  • 25. Factoring Polynomials
    Ideals of F[x].
    Properties of the GCD.
    Irreducible Polynomials.
    Unique factorization.
    Euclidean Algorithm.

  • 26. Substitution in Polynomials
    Roots and Factors.
    Polynomial Functions.
    Polynomials over .
    Eisenstein’s Irreducibility Criterion.
    Polynomials over the Reals.
    Polynomial Interpolation.

  • 27. Extensions of Fields
    Algebraic and Transcendental Elements.
    The Minimum Polynomial.
    Basic Theorem on Field Extensions.

  • 28. Vector Spaces
    Elementary Properties of Vector Spaces.
    Linear Independence.
    Basis. Dimension.
    Linear Transformations.

  • 29. Degrees of Field Extensions
    Simple and Iterated Extensions.
    Degree of an Iterated Extension.
    Fields of Algebraic Elements.
    Algebraic Numbers.
    Algebraic Closure.

  • 30. Ruler and Compass
    Constructible Points and Numbers.
    Impossible Constructions.
    Constructible Angles and Polygons.

  • 31. Galois Theory: Preamble
    Multiple Roots. Root Field. Extension of a Field.
    Roots of Unity.
    Separable Polynomials.
    Normal Extensions.

  • 32. Galois Theory:
    The Heart of the Matter Field Automorphisms.
    The Galois Group.
    The Galois Correspondence.
    Fundamental Theorem of Galois Theory.
    Computing Galois Groups.

  • 33. Solving Equations by Radicals
    Radical Extensions.
    Abelian Extensions.
    Solvable Groups.
    Insolvability of the Quin tic.

  • Appendix
    A. Review of Set Theory
    B. Review of the Integers
    C. Review of Mathematical Induction
    Answers to Selected Exercises

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