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Theory and Problems of Theoretical Mechanics (Schaum's Outline) by Murray R. Spiegel

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Theory and Problems of Theoretical Mechanics (Schaum's Outline) written by Murray R. Spiegel cover the following topics.

  • 1. Vectors velocity and acceleration
    2. Newtons laws of motion work energy and momentum
    3. Motion in a uniform field falling bodies and projectiles
    4. The Simple Harmonic Oscillator and the Simple Pendulum
    5. Central Forces and Planetary Motion
    6. Moving Coordinate Systems
    7. Systems of Particles
    8. Applications to vibrating systems rockets and collisions
    9. Plane Motion of Rigid Bodies
    10. Space Motion of Rigid Bodies
    11. Lagranges Equations
    12. Hamiltonian Theory
    Appendix A Units and Dimenstions
    Appendix B Astronomical Data
    Appendix C Solutions of Special Differential Equations
    Appendix D Index of Special Symbols and Notations

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