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Schaum's Engineering Mechanics by E. Nelson, Charles Best, William McLean

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Schaum's Engineering Mechanics written by E. W. Nelson, Engineering Supervisor, Retied Western Electric Company Charles L. Best, Emeritus Professor, Lafayette College and William G. McLean, Emeritus Director of Engineering, Lafayette College. Students and professionals bought more than 300,000 copies of previous editions! This new edition draws on the best mathematical tool now available to solve problems. It applies the vector approach for elegance and simplicity in theory and problems whenever appropriate. Other times, for similarly adequate solutions, scalar methods are preferred. This study guide complements class texts and proves excellent for solo study and brushing up.

Schaum's Engineering Mechanics written by E. W. Nelson, Charles L. Best, William G. McLean cover the following topics.

  • 1. Vectors
    2. Operations with Forces
    3. Resultants of Coplanar Force Systems
    4. Resultants of Noncoplanar Force Systems
    5. Equilibrium of Coplanar Force Systems
    6. Equilibrium or Coplanar Force Systems
    7. Trusses and Cables
    8. Forces in Beams
    9. Friction
    10. First Moments and Centroids
    11. Virtual Work
    12. Kinematics of a Particle
    13. Dynamics of a Particle
    14. Kinematics of a Rigid Body in Plane Motion
    15. Moments of Inertia
    16. Dynmics of a Rigid in Plane Motion
    17. Work and Energy
    18. Impulse and Mementum
    19. Mechanical vibrations
    20. Appendix
  • A. SI Units
    B. First Mements And Centroids
    C. Computer Solutions to Selecte Problems
    D. Sample Screens from the Companion Schaum
    s Electronic Turtor

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