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Here we provide thousands of Question and their ANSWERS. Our question is helpful in ECAT, UPSC(IAS/IPS/IFS), ESE, EES, NTS FSc, BSc and all kinds of MATH/IQ TESTS.

Application of Trigonometry Functions (Worksheets)

Math worksheets are the important tool for learning mathmatices. The warksheets are specially design for age and grade level. They develop the math skills and awareness. Better way of practise math.

You can check all the given worksheet with complete solution. You can study online, download and print PDF files. Teachers can use our math worksheets in the class rooms and can give the students a better practise.

  • Exercise 12.5 | View Online PDF | Download PDF
  • Solution of Oblique Triangles (When measure of two sides and their included angle are given)

    Area of Triangle

  • Exercise 12.8 | View Online PDF | Download PDF
  • Circles connected with Triangles
    Circum Circle
    In Circle
    Escribed Circle
    Engineering and Circles connected with Triangles

    Solution of above all worksheets

    Enjoy the solution of above all worksheets.

  • Exercise 12.5 | View Online PDF | Download PDF
  • Exercise 12.8 | View Online PDF | Download PDF
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