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Stiff Differential Systems Edited by Ralph A. Willoughby

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Stiff Differential Systems edited by Ralph A. Willoughby, Mathematical Sciences Department, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, New York . This is an other book of mathematics cover the following topics.

  • International Symposium on Stiff Differential Systems: Introduction
    Ralph A. Willoughby

  • Composite Multistep Methods and Stiff Stability
    Theodore A. Bickart and William B. Rubin

  • Numerical A-Stability for Difference-Differential Systems
    R. K. Brayton

  • Computation of Real-Time-Control in Aerospace Applications by Multiple Shooting Procedures: Extended Abstract
    R. Bulirsch and H.-W. Branca

  • Simulation of Chemical Kinetics Transport in the Stra tosphere
    J. S. Chang, A. C. Hindmarsh, and N. K. Madsen

  • The Sets of Smooth Solutions of Differential and Difference Equations
    Germund Dahlquist

  • Integration Package for Chemical Kinetics
    Lennart Edsberg

  • Optimal Second Derivative Methods for Stiff Systems
    W. H. Enright

  • The Stability of Automatic Programs for Numerical Problems
    C. W. Gear, K. W. Tu, and D. S. Watanabe

  • An Implementation of Gear's Algorithm for CSMP III
    A. R. Gourlay and H. D. D. Watson

  • A Pseudodynamic Method for Solving Nonlinear Algebraic Equations
    G. Hachtel and M. Mack

  • The Validation and Comparison of Programs for Stiff Systems
    T. E. Hull

  • Numerical Solution of Singular Perturbation Frob lems
    Heinz-Otto Kreiss

  • Two Unconventional Classes of Methods for Stiff Systems
    J. D. Lambert

  • The Occurrence and Numerical Solution of Physical and Chemical Systems Having Widely Varying Time Constants
    L. Lapidus, R. C. Aiken, and Y. A. Liu

  • A Stiff System Package Based on the Implicit Midpoint Method with Smoothing and Extrapolation
    Bengt Lindberg

  • Construction of a Family of Second Order A-Stable K-Step Formulas Depending on the Maximum Number, 2K-2, of Parameters
    Werner Liniger and Thierry Gagnebin

  • Stiffness and Accuracy in the Method of Lines Integration of Partial Differential Equations
    A. M. Loeb and W. E. Schiesser

  • Economical Global Error Estimation
    Hans J. Stetter

  • Consistency and Stability for One-Step Discretizations of Stiff Differential Equations
    M. van Veldhuizen

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