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Vedic Mathematics Made Easy by Dhaval Bathia

MathSchoolinternational.com contain houndreds of Free Math eBooks. Which cover almost all topics of mathematics. To see an extisive list of Math Magic (Mental Math Tricks) eBooks . We hope mathematician or person who’s interested in mathematics like these books.

Vedic Mathematics Made Easy written by Dhaval Bathia. Can you multiply 231072 by 110649 and get the answer in just a single line? Can you find the cube root of 262144 or 704969 in two seconds? All this and al ot more is possible with the techniques of Vedic Mathematics described in this book.the techniques are useful for students,professionals and businessmen.The techniques of Vedic Mathematics have helped millions of students all over the world get rid of their fear of numbers and improve their scores in quantitative subjects.Primary and secondary school students have found the Vedic Mathematics approach very exciting.Those giving competitive exams like MBA,MCA,CET etc.,have asserted that Vedic mathematics has helped them crack the entrance tests of these exams. A best seller on amazon.com,this book has so far beeen re-printed Twenty Eight times ever since it was first published in the year 2005!!

Vedic Mathematics Made Easy written by Dhaval Bathia cover the following topics.

  • Preface
    About the Author
    Vedic Mathematics: an Introduction
    Maths is interesting!

    1. Miscellaneous Simple Method
    2. Criss – Cross System of Multiplication
    3. Squaring Numbers
    4. Cube Roots of Perfect Cubes
    5. Square Roots of Perfect Squares

    6. Base Method for Multiplication
    7. Base Method for Squaring
    8. Digit-Sum Method
    9. Magic Squares
    10. Dates & Calendars
    11. General Equations
    12. Simultaneous Linear Equations
    13. Square Roots of Imperfect Squares
    14. Cubing Numbers
    15. Base Method of Division
    16. Division (Part Two)

  • Appendix
    A : Multiplication of five digit numbers
    B : Multiplication of Algebraic Identities
    C : Zeller’s Rule (To find the day on any date)

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