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The Joy of Mathemtics Course Guidebook by Arthur T. Benjamin

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The Joy of Mathemtics Course Guidebook written by Arthur Benjamin, Harvey Mudd College
Arthur T. Benjamin is a Professor of Mathematics at Harvey Mudd College. He graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in 1983, where he earned a B.S. in Applied Mathematics with university honors. He received his Ph.D. in Mathematical Sciences in 1989 from Johns Hopkins University, where he was supported by a National Science Foundation graduate fellowship and a Rufus P. Isaacs fellowship. Since 1989, Dr. Benjamin has been a faculty member of the Mathematics Department at Harvey Mudd College, where he has served as department chair. He has spent sabbatical visits at Caltech, Brandeis University, and University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.
1999, Professor Benjamin received the Southern California Section of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics, and in 2000, he received the MAA Deborah and Franklin Tepper Haimo National Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics. He was named the 2006í2008 George Pólya Lecturer by the MAA.
Dr. Benjamin’s research interests include combinatorics, game theory, and number theory, with a special fondness for Fibonacci numbers. Many of these ideas appear in his book (co-authored with Jennifer Quinn), Proofs That Really Count: The Art of Combinatorial Proof published by the MAA. In 2006, that book received the Beckenbach Book Prize by the MAA. Professors Benjamin and Quinn are the co-editors of Math Horizons magazine, published by MAA and enjoyed by more than 20,000 readers, mostly undergraduate math students and their teachers.
Professor Benjamin is also a professional magician. He has given more than 1,000 “mathemagics” shows to audiences all over the world (from primary schools to scienti¿ c conferences), where he demonstrates and explains his calculating talents. His techniques are explained in his book Secrets of Mental Math: The Mathemagician’s Guide to Lightning Calculation and Amazing Math Tricks. Proli¿ c math and science writer Martin Gardner calls it “the clearest, simplest, most entertaining, and best book yet on the art of calculating in your head.” An avid games player, Dr. Benjamin was winner of the American Backgammon Tour in 1997.
Professor Benjamin has appeared on dozens of television and radio programs, including the Today Show, CNN, and National Public Radio. He has been featured in Scienti¿ c American, Omni, Discover, People, Esquire, The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and Reader’s Digest. In 2005, Reader’s Digest called him “America’s Best Math Whiz.”

The Joy of Mathemtics Course Guidebook written by Arthur Benjamin cover the following topics.

    LECTURE 1 The Joy of Math—The Big Picture
    LECTURE 2 The Joy of Numbers
    LECTURE 3 The Joy of Primes
    LECTURE 4 The Joy of Counting
    LECTURE 5 The Joy of Fibonacci Numbers
    LECTURE 6 The Joy of Algebra
    LECTURE 7 The Joy of Higher Algebra
    LECTURE 8 The Joy of Algebra Made Visual
    LECTURE 9 The Joy of 9
    LECTURE 10 The Joy of Proofs
    LECTURE 11 The Joy of Geometry
    LECTURE 12 The Joy of Pi
    LECTURE 13 The Joy of Trigonometry
    LECTURE 14 The Joy of the Imaginary Number i
    LECTURE 15 The Joy of the Number e
    LECTURE 16 The Joy of In¿ nity
    LECTURE 17 The Joy of In¿ nite Series
    LECTURE 18 The Joy of Differential Calculus
    LECTURE 19 The Joy of Approximating with Calculus
    LECTURE 20 The Joy of Integral Calculus
    LECTURE 21 The Joy of Pascal’s Triangle
    LECTURE 22 The Joy of Probability
    LECTURE 23 The Joy of Mathematical Games
    LECTURE 24 The Joy of Mathematical Magic

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