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Teach Your Child Math by Arthur Benjamin, Michael Brant Shermer
(Making Math Fun for the Both of You)

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Teach Your Child Math (Making Math Fun for the Both of You) written by Arthur T. Benjamin, Harvey Mudd College and Michael Brant Shermer.
By transforming math "problems" into games, this easy-to-follow book gives parents a fun way to help their children learn math. With an expanded section on problem solving, fun word problems, and entertaining visual concepts, it proves that math can be interesting.
Mathematics is a wonderful, elegant, and exceedingly useful language. It has its own vocabulary and syntax, its own verbs, nouns, and modifiers, and its own dialects and patois. It is used brilliantly by some, poorly by others. Some of us fear to pursue its more esoteric uses, while a few of us wield it like a sword to attack and conquer income tax forms or masses of data that resist the less courageous.
This book does not guarantee to turn you into a Leibniz, or put you on stage as a Professor Algebra, but it will, we hope, bring you a new, exciting, and even entertaining view of what can be done with that wonderful invention-numbers.
We all think we know enough about arithmetic to get by, and we certainly feel no guilt about resorting to the handy pocket calculator that has become so much a part of our lives. But, just as photography may blind us to the beauty of a Vermeer painting, or an electronic keyboard may make us forget the magnificence of a Horowitz sonata, too much reliance on technology can deny us the pleasures that you will find in these pages.
This is a fun book. You wouldn't have it in your hands right now if you didn't have some interest either in improving your math skills or in satisfying a curiosity about this fascinating subject. As with all such instruction books, you may only retain and use a certain percentage of the varied tricks and methods described here, but that alone will make it worth the investment of your time.

Title: Teach Your Child Math : Making Math Fun for the Both of You
Author(s): Arthur Benjamin, Michael Brant Shermer
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Year: 1999
Pages: 209
Type: PDF
Language: English
ISBN: 0737301341,9780737301342
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Teach Your Child Math (Making Math Fun for the Both of You) written by Arthur T. Benjamin, Michael Brant Shermer cover the following topics.
Part I Getting Excited About Math
1. Every Child as Mathematician
2. Mathematics as a Game
Part II Let Games Begin
3. Begin at the Beginning: Games of Naming, Sorting and Comparing
4. How many Are there? Games of Ordering, Measuring and Counting
5. Summing Up: Addition Games
6. What's the Difference? Subtracting Games
7. How Many Times? Multiplication Games
8. Divide and Conquer: Division Games
9. Problem Solving: Taking Basic Skills to the Next Level.
Appendix 1 Books on Math and Sciences for Adults
Appendix 2 Books on Math and Sciences for Children
Appendix 3 Math and Science Periodicals for Parents and Children
Appendix 4 Math Careers for Your Child
Appendix 5 Math, Science and Technology Museums by Region and State
Appendix 6 6Scientific Companies that Publish Math and Science Catalogues and Distribute Teaching Tools

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