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Mental Math Kids Cant Resist by Richard Piccirilli

(Tips Shortcuts Starategies and 60 Fun Practice Pages That Reinforce Essential Math Skills and Bost Test Scores.)

MathSchoolinternational.com contain houndreds of Free Math eBooks. Which cover almost all topics of mathematics. To see an extisive list of Math Magic (Mental Math Tricks) eBooks . We hope mathematician or person who’s interested in mathematics like these books.

Mental Math Kids Cant Resist written by Richard Piccirilli. This book gives teachers practical and easy-touse ideas for teaching mental-math skills to students in grades 2–4. The activities are designed to teach and reinforce mental-math skills, as well as give students opportunities to use their newly acquired skill. You’ll find the activities easy to integrate into your curriculum either as lessons in mental math or as a supplement to other daily math activity. Most valuable perhaps are the many activities that relate mental math strategies to learning the basic number facts. This book helps students become flexible thinkers with numbers and encourages them to be inventive when encountering new number situations. The activities expose students to new opportunities for using mental-math skills in daily situations in and out of school.
With mental math, students develop a positive attitude toward numbers. They visualize numbers, retain them in their heads, and develop a sense of the quantities numbers represent. They also develop other skills important to overall math achievement—place value, spatial ability, number facts, computation, problem solving, estimation, number properties, and writing about math. As a result, mental math boosts students’ confidence. In a very short time they can come to feel smart!
What is mental math? Mental math is finding answers to number problems or situations using only your head. It is a creative process, which requires you to invent unique mental procedures to deal with numbers in very simple ways. Mental math does not use pencil and paper, calculators, or other recording devices. Instead, it employs strategies that help you to see relationships among numbers and compute them mentally.

Mental Math Kids Cant Resist written by Richard Piccirilli cover the following topics.

  • Set Theory



    Encourage students to feel comfortable using mental-math strategies and become flexible thinkers.

    Increase students’ number confidence by improving their ability to remember and sequence numbers.

    Teach strategies for learning basic number facts that are easy to remember and retain for years to come.

    Provide opportunities to learn and practice different mental-math strategies.

    Apply mental-math skills to solve money-math problems.

    Practice mental-math skills with a variety of problem-solving activities.

    Add interest, fun, and motivation for learning mental-math skills with these “magic tricks.”


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